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Ooooh, it's been such a long time since I've used my Harry Potter tag. It feels weird, but good. I really do wish I'd made the decision to start rereading the books sooner, you know - in my mind it always seemed like it would be this huge time-consuming task, but I'm already on Order of the Phoenix and it's been like...not long at all. And of course I'm enjoying it immensely and getting overly emotional because I know what's coming, and being reminded of everything I used to ship, and trying to find all the old fic I remember. It's all just so lovely and nostalgic. ♥

To celebrate that, a mix for my OTP -

Title: nothing like you & i
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter)
Includes: 11 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Megaupload.
Notes: I wrote slightly excessive ones, so they are under the cut.

Some form of this mix has been on my computer for years, so it seems about time that I shared it. It took me longer than I expected to organise it though - the art and the song order caused me some difficulty. I guess I just really want it to be perfect because Remus/Sirius is my OTP and I've never actually created anything for them before, and it feels like I need to do the ship justice or something? And of course I was also hindered by my inability to listen to the whole thing through without crying. :|

The art was particularly hard because there are no actors or anything that fit the image of the characters in my head, plus I know that everyone has slightly different interpretations and I didn't want to use anything that might seem completely and utterly wrong to anybody. (Yes, I over-think these things.) So eventually, trying to keep faces out of it, I went with a couple of screencaps from the movie Dream Boy and one from Prisoner of Azkaban, a non-porny picture from a '70s gay porn magazine (back right, with added scars), and one image of unknown origin (front right, let me know if you recognise it!). Oh, and paw prints, which came from here. XD

Oh, also - yeah, there is a Shakira cover in there, which might seem bizarre, but I don't know, listen to it. Something about it is just very them to me somehow. Maybe it helps that it's a man singing. (And can't you imagine Sirius saying something like "lucky that my breasts are small and humble/so you don't confuse them with mountains", or is that just me? I may have gone slightly wrong.) There are a few songs that are so perfect that I wanted to quote much more of the lyrics (like the entirety of 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed') but my notes are already making this a very long entry so it's probably best that I didn't.

If you want any clarification on why I chose the songs, I'd be very happy to share my thoughts. And you know, I'll try to actually make sense and not just word-vomit all my feelings at you. (But 'try' is the operative word in that sentence.)

Right, I'll shut up now.

  1. isobel campbell & mark lanegan; black mountain []
    (Remus's POV then Sirius's, pre-Azkaban and then Azkaban era.)
    i know a dog much blacker than night
    who lives in a house where nothing is right
    all sorrow, unloving, riches at bay
    "i won't share their future, though i share their name"
    (...) some dream of coins or some beauty's find
    but i want the truth while i serve my time
    most complex and pain, i'd share it with you
    the moon looks bright, so come say i do

  2. joseph arthur; tattoo []
    (Sirius's POV, Azkaban era.)
    i miss the days when you were in my world
    it seems like it was a lifetime ago
    (...) i wonder what you must think about me
    what i heard is you consider me dead
    i guess that's fair of you
    i never was good to you
    i'm ashamed, for making you feel all my pain
    when i sleep, sometimes i still think we speak
    is it a dream, is it a dream?

  3. coldplay; see you soon []
    (Sirius's POV, Azkaban era.)
    so you lost your trust and you never should have
    you never should have
    don't break your back if you ever see this
    don't answer that
    in a bulletproof vest, with the windows all closed
    i'll be doing my best, i'll see you soon
    in a telescope lens, when all you want is friends
    i'll see you soon

  4. the perishers; nothing like you & i []
    (Remus's POV post-Azkaban, with a hint to later and Remus/Tonks.)
    we spent some time together drinking
    spent some time just thinking about days of joy
    as our hearts started beating faster
    i recalled your laughter from long ago
    there's nothing like you and i
    (...) there's nothing like you and i
    so why do i even try?

  5. bloc party; i still remember []
    (Remus's POV post-Azkaban, looking back on Hogwarts days.)
    i still remember
    how you looked that afternoon
    there was only you
    you said "it's just like a full moon"
    blood beats faster in our veins
    we left our trousers by the canal
    and our fingers, they almost touched
    (...) we should have run
    i would go with you anywhere

  6. tv on the radio; i was a lover []
    (Sirius's POV, OotP-era.)
    i'm locked in my bedroom, so send back the clowns
    my clone wears a brown shirt
    and i seduce him when there's no one around
    (...) and we liked to party
    and we kept it live
    and we had a three volume tome of contemporary slang
    to keep a handle on all this jive
    (...) i was a lover before this war...

  7. mundy; whenever, wherever (shakira cover) []
    (Sirius's POV, OotP-era.)
    never could imagine there were only
    ten million ways to love somebody
    (...) lucky i have strong legs like my mother
    to run for cover if i need it
    (...) whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together
    i'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear
    thereover, hereunder, you will never have to wonder
    we can always play by ear, that is the deal my dear

  8. death cab for cutie; brothers on a hotel bed []
    (Sirius's POV, OotP-era.)
    you may tire of me
    as our december sun is setting
    for i'm not who i used to be
    no longer easy on the eyes
    but these wrinkles masterfully disguise
    the youthful boy below
    who turned your way and saw
    something he was not looking for
    both a beginning and an end
    but now he lives inside
    someone he does not recognise
    when he catches his reflection on accident

  9. the shins; pink bullets []
    (Remus's POV, looking back on Hogwarts days after Sirius's death.)
    oh, what a contrast you were to the brutes in the halls
    my timid young fingers held a decent animal
    over the ramparts you tossed
    the scent of your skin and some foreign flowers
    tied to a brick, sweet as a song
    the years have been short, but the days were long
    (...) i don't look back much as a rule
    and all this way before murder was cool
    but your memory is here and i'd like it to stay
    warm light on a winter's day

  10. bloc party; signs []
    (Remus's POV after Sirius's death.)
    the last time we slept together
    there was something that was not there
    you never wanted to alarm me
    but i'm the one who's drowning now
    (...) i see signs now all the time
    that you're not dead, you're sleeping
    i believe in anything
    that brings you back home to me

  11. snow patrol; if i'd found the right words to say []
    (Remus's POV after Sirius's death.)
    if i'd found the right words to say
    i'd tell you you're safe and take hold of your hand
    i'll be there by your side for the rest of your life
    our bodies could fall off the end of the world
    (...) i will follow your ghost as it climbs up the rock-face
    and lie with you on the grass above
    and i'd like to change all this
    and i'd like to wake up from this
    by your side...

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