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Title: this sentiment carries no weight
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Hannibal/Will (Hannibal)
Includes: 12 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Uploaded.

your alarm bells, they should be ringing. )
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Title: sparks & shining dragons
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell
Includes: 12 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Megaupload.
Notes: Some of the songs are like the early days of their friendship, pre-living together, and it's not entirely chronological, but it should make some sort of sense. Also, there is so much fluff here. SO MUCH.

we've got that fast action edit )
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Ooooh, it's been such a long time since I've used my Harry Potter tag. It feels weird, but good. I really do wish I'd made the decision to start rereading the books sooner, you know - in my mind it always seemed like it would be this huge time-consuming task, but I'm already on Order of the Phoenix and it's been like...not long at all. And of course I'm enjoying it immensely and getting overly emotional because I know what's coming, and being reminded of everything I used to ship, and trying to find all the old fic I remember. It's all just so lovely and nostalgic. ♥

To celebrate that, a mix for my OTP -

Title: nothing like you & i
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter)
Includes: 11 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Megaupload.
Notes: I wrote slightly excessive ones, so they are under the cut.

i believe in anything that brings you back home to me )
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Title: what we've been dealt
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Weeds (specifically, the Botwins and their feelings towards Nancy)
Sounds like: Mostly rock and electro. Frustration, bitterness, helpless adoration, resentment, and neglect. Love/hate.
Notes: Includes 16 individual .mp3s, plus .rar and .zip to download from Mediafire.

you drive me so reckless / you'll kill us all )
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You know how when most people make ficmixes, the little drabbles they include are actually drabbles? Like, they're short? I CANNOT DO THAT. WHY AM I INCAPABLE OF WRITING THINGS THAT ARE SHORT. Case in point: this, and also the Skandar/Georgie/Will P. thing that I'm still working on, which has exploded into 20k+ and still isn't finished. D:

What is my life, etc. Also, I feel like I'm using my 'general psychological fuckery' tag far more often than usual lately...

Title: dark red bloodstreams
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Spencer Reid/Nathan Harris
Rating: R, to be safe
Warnings: Mentions of attempted suicide, self-injury, and drug use. Dark themes in general.
Sounds like: Fighting against your own mind. Finding somebody who understands. Distress and danger and guilt and helplessness, but with an undercurrent of hope. A mixture of music genres.
Notes: Includes 16 songs and ficlets. Plus .rar, .zip, and individual .mp3s to download. The heart and brain textures are by [livejournal.com profile] mellowmint.

i will always listen to you / losing battles in your mind )
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So. This is a thing that happened. (At this rate, I should really be doing a Will/Skandar mix? I mean, what even, I've done three Narnia fanmixes in like less than a month and NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN FOR MY OTP?)

And um, just in case you're a normal person who doesn't obsessively follow Skandar and Tilda's "friendship" (idek what to call it, man), that picture on the back cover is there because that is the necklace she gave him when they finished filming LWW. She gave him a necklace. He wore it.

That's all I'm saying.

Title: tender talons
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Skandar Keynes/Tilda Swinton
Sounds like: Anxiety, frustration, teasing, control...psychological fuckery in general. Trippy electronica and dubstep with a little bit of raw garage-y rock, and hints (okay, more than hints) of a d/s dynamic.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

don't act like you can't act. stand up like a man. )
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It seems like lately, if I get stuck on whatever I'm writing, my brain just goes "QUICK, WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE. A FANMIX. ANY FANMIX." Which is pretty much how this happened. Don't ask me how it ended up including twenty songs. Or why there's a song by Anna Popplewell's sister in there. (It seems so wrong! BUT THE LYRICS ARE KIND OF ADORBS AND THEY SEEMED TO FIT.)

Title: everything you want is wrong
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Ben Barnes/Georgie Henley
Sounds like: Forbidden love. Resisting temptation. Naïve head-over-heels love, contrasted with shame, regret, and frustration. A mish-mash of various genres.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

you'd probably call me a fool, and say i'm doing exactly what a coward would do... )
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Title: crystal ships dripping with ice
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Edmund/Jadis
Sounds like: Sadness, regret, longing. The temptation of evil. Melancholy trip-hop and heavy electro. Sexy and creepy in equal amounts.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

recognise the poison in my heart... )
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Title: grab you by the hair
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jack White
Sounds like: A sexy, smokey blend of electronica, bluesy rock and trip-hop, tinged with frustration and lust.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

you excite me like a locked door does... )
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Title: permanent midnight
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince
Sounds like: Synth-y love songs with a dash of electropop and a hint of violence.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

There's nobody you can trust but me... )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad AND [livejournal.com profile] liketheroad!!

[livejournal.com profile] liketheroad, I HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO KNOW YOU LIKE ALL MY FRIENDS SEEM TO HAVE DONE, BECAUSE I AM LAME AND SHY. But I do read your posts and you seem awesome and I have been meaning to read the Joe Jonas: Boy Cheerleader series for like FOREVER because it sounds genius. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Hannah, all I can say is that you have made my life INFINITELY MORE AWESOME, and I will forever be glad we decided to crash [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius's post that one time and have ourselves a getting-to-know-each-other comment party. No words for how much I love you, seriously. ♥

INSTEAD, A FANMIX. The other thing I mentioned is technically finished but giving me ENDLESS TROUBLE, so that one is gonna have to be postponed for now. And this...well, I realise it's kind of a depressing birthday gift because it's based around the idea of Nathan getting engaged/married, but whatever.

the ways i failed you
a nathan/caleb fanmix
artwork, songs, .rar & .zip under the cut. )
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a peter/claire ficmix

cover art, fic, individual songs, .rar & .zip )
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a rhys/beth/gilly fanmix

artwork, songs, .rar and .zip behind cut. )
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[harry potter]
a general deathly hallows fanmix ep

artwork, songs, .zip and .rar under the cut. )
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Another fanmix, I know, sorry. I've promised myself I'll get some writing done tomorrow, I've just had serious writers' block lately. *sigh* Anyway yeah, this is a really random fanmix I know, but the theme over at [livejournal.com profile] fanmix is 'incest', and I've been reading fairytales lately (haha) and the idea just came to me. :)

[hansel & gretel]
a hansel/gretel fanmix ep

artwork, songs and .rar behind the cut. )
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[the secret history]
a charles/camilla fanmix

spoilers, spoilers, spoilers - i can't stress this enough. don't look if you're halfway through the book, or planning on reading it sometime soon.

artwork, songs and .rar behind cut. )
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an effy stonem fanmix ep

artwork, songs and .zip behind the cut. )


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