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Sex and sexy things picspam, part five. You can see the previous posts by clicking here.

Click-through credit where available - many of the sites linked to are NSFW, obviously. And as usual, if you recognise anything that isn't credited, let me know where it's from.

If you enjoy this and are not already on my porn filter, under which I post links to download porn in video format, let me know and I'll add you to it! :)

dailymurf and inherhipstheresrevolutions

a little dirty never hurt anyone. NSFW. )
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Time for a porn picspam, of the retro gay variety.

By the way, for your convenience, my porn posts are now tagged in a more organised way (it was rapidly becoming necessary!). Posts like this can be found under ! [porn] retro picspams, and there are also tags for ! [porn] misc picspams and ! [porn] bdsm picspams, as well as ! [porn] videos. If you can't see anything when you click that last link, that means you're not on the filter, but all you have to do is ask and I'll add you straight onto it. :)

when you got me in your palm, slidin' in your hand. NSFW. )

It is always SO HARD to find a mood that isn't bb!Georgie or bb!Skandar when I make these posts, omg. Even Will and Anna feel inappropriate. I might need to change my moodtheme...
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The retro gay porn is back! I totally forgot about it for a while there, I'm sorry. There's still quite a lot more to come, so I should probably try to remember and do more regular picspams. If people are still interested, of course. (I always say that, and then people are like "well, duh." XD)

I need to get organised with my porn posts in general, actually, don't I? It's been a while since I shared some videos. As always, if you want to get in on that, let me know and I'll add you to the filter. In the meantime, pictures of men having sex in the '70s! And possibly the '60s and '80s. I've lost track now for the most part. Sex, though! That's the important thing.

sweet baby, i need fresh blood. NSFW. )
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Sooo, this is the end of my Weeds season 7 meta. It took me a while to get it written and posted for some reason.

As usual, the focus is on the Botwins and their feelings about each other, making these posts less like recaps and more like...well, me rambling about things I enjoy. Which I guess is what I use my entire journal for, come to think of it.

Season 7, episodes 10 to 13. )
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So this is kind of out of the blue, which in a way shouldn't be that surprising when you look at my past few entries. I've just been having sort of a British comedy fest, and then this post kind of...happened. It's sort of a primer, except that it assumes you already know who Russell Brand and Simon Amstell are. But apart from that, it's very thorough?

The thing is, sometimes I think that Simon Amstell is my favourite person. And against my better judgement I still have a special place in my heart for Russell Brand, despite all his wrongdoings. And the two of them are good friends and you know that I will ship people based on less than that, so...

'You're quite a lovely innocent little man, is how I think when I'm round your house.' )

This is one of those times where I spend a while compiling a post, only to realise there will be almost no interest at all. *sigh*
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Sex and sexy things picspam, part four.

Sadly hardly any of these have credit, but as always it's click-through where available, and if you know the source of something, let me know! As well as the pictures, many of the sites linked to are NSFW.

let's keep the party going all night long. NSFW. )

If you enjoyed this and are not already on my porn filter (under which I post downloads of porn in video-format) let me know and I'll add you to it!
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More Weeds rambling! I bet you're shocked. At this point, I'm basically only talking about the Botwins and how they feel about each other, partly because that's the most interesting part of the show to me, and partly because there are so many layers and things going on in Weeds that if I focus on everything I get sort of overwhelmed. Plus, y'know, then these posts would probably be twice as long. So yeah, not genuine recaps at all! Just me talking about things I really like. Again, not terribly surprising.

Season 7, episodes 7 to 9. )
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A present, because I'm going to be away for a little while. (Another family gathering. Bah.)

So ages ago (well, like, March) when making one of my sex picspams, I mentioned that I had a bunch of rougher, BDSM-themed photos. And there was quite a bit of interest, but for some reason I totally forgot about actually posting them until now.

The D/s vibe is more subtle in some and much more explicit in others, and some are more S&M or bondage-oriented. Plus, there are probably more male subs depicted than female subs (purely because that's what appeals to me), but hopefully it's a reasonable mixture. Click-through credit where possible, let me know if you recognise anything that isn't credited. And enjoy!

i like you best when you're on your knees. NSFW. )

It will probably not come as a shock to anyone that I have enough of these to make another post. Let me know if you want more. :)
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This is um, longer. Because some really awesome stuff happened in the last three episodes. It also basically turned into me rambling about everybody's relationships, instead of the show in general. BUT THE SHOW IN GENERAL IS GOOD. WATCH IT IF YOU DON'T ALREADY. And then come back here and talk to me about it.

Season 7, episodes 4 to 6. )

If you made it through this, I love you.
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SO CAN WE TALK ABOUT WEEDS? I'm really enjoying the new season, but I was too busy enjoying it to do a post on each episode right after it aired, and so instead I've ended up with a bunch of (flaily) meta and screencaps for everything so far. And it feels like the sort of thing one posts on Tumblr, but everything I have to say is tinged with mother/son incest and I feel more safe talking about that here. THOUGH NOT BY MUCH. Last November I made a similar post (just about the season 6 finale) and was like "more on the mother/son incest thing later UNLESS IT WILL MAKE ME LOSE FRIENDS" and then I never posted again because I was still too scared to talk about it. -_-

I don't know, I mean, I feel like I'm just expanding on what the show portrays, but if that kind of thing seriously squicks you, I guess don't read this? Ughhh I totally used to hate the idea of parent/child but suddenly mother/son is the most interesting thing in the world to me. DAMN YOU, WEEDS. DAMN YOU TOO, JOHN LENNON. (Long story.) Honestly, though, it's more about the relationships as they are, as opposed to me wanting or expecting them to start making out any time soon. But still! Feel free to judge me! I'm judging myself a little bit, so. (Speaking of things I should probably be judged for: Alexander Gould is growing up well, right? ...Right?)

Season 7, episodes 1 to 3. )

MORE OF THIS TO COME, IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. Probably even if no one is interested, mannn I love this show, I don't even care.
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More retro gay porn! In this batch, there's some guys who were paired up once already for a different set, which I find kind of cute. Maybe they were a couple.

Also I'm posting this super quickly just before like half of my extended family arrives for a visit (AWKWARD) so, apologies if I've screwed up some HTML or something.

like waves at night, like the tail of a kite. NSFW. )
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She did a photoshoot for THAT magazine, which isn't actually out yet, but there are behind-the-scenes pictures from it which are gorgeous.

Original + more. )

In other news, I've been watching a ridiculous amount of TV. I'm watching Game of Thrones and The Borgias, and generally enjoying both. Game Of Thrones, I'm less sure about—some of it really disturbs me, and I know that's kind of the point, but I just feel kind of nervous and uncertain about it. But I do like it! It gets like +1000 points for the incest and the slash. I really like The Borgias a lot—shipping Cesare/Lucrezia, obviously, and generally enjoying François Arnaud's face, and also there was consensual whipping which I approve of. I find the Cesare/Michelotto relationship really interesting. And now I want to read A Song of Ice and Fire and lots of books about the Borgia family, but I still suck at reading lately.

I'm also watching Camelot which, um, is not so good. I don't know, maybe Arthurian legend shows just don't do it for me, but it's just kind of boring, and really at this point I'm only watching for Eva Green and her OVERALL AWESOMENESS, being all crazy and powerful. (Also maybe a little bit for Jamie Campbell Bower.) What else? Baffled by the Fringe season finale, and growing increasingly concerned about the state of House (and also suddenly shipping Chase/Thirteen, where did that come from??). Rewatching the first season of The O.C., because I kept seeing stuff on Tumblr and getting nostalgic. I got so much of my music taste from that show back in the day, it's amazing—at least twice an episode, I'll be like "hey, I like this song!...oh, this is where I first heard this song."

In the past week or so I've also been marathoning Community and Parks & Recreation and wondering why I didn't do that sooner. SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. I don't actually laugh out loud that often at TV shows, and it's not like I don't find them funny, but it's more like...I appreciate the clever writing and I'm amused, but I'm not actually cracking up, you know? But both of these shows have been making me laugh regularly. Especially the flu episode of Parks & Rec. My Dad actually came in and asked me what was wrong because I was laughing so hard. "I can't go home! I have to get ready for the Chamber of Secrets!" "...Commerce." SPEAKING OF WHICH: I love Ben Wyatt. Can we talk about Adam Scott and his delightful face?

Can we talk about any of this, actually? I've basically just been sitting here watching all this TV and not really talking about it.

AND FINALLY, a meme which could be fun maybe if anyone is interested:

Mini-DVD Meme: Pick any paragraph or any passage of between 500-600 words from any fanfic I've written and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I made or wrote it, why I wrote it, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

My masterlist is here but I guess if you pick something I wrote ages ago I might not remember what I was thinking at the time. :/
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So I want to talk about The Kills. First of all, the important news is that I'm going to see them in concert which is still sort of blowing my mind a little bit, and like, the gig is at the end of the month so I should probably start believing that it's actually happening. I might have mentioned this before, but I don't cope very well with concerts. I get freaked out by crowds and heat, and standing up for long periods of time, and I've actually fainted at gigs before. But I said a while ago that if The Kills ever came to my city, I would just have to go, and it's true—I can't imagine missing out on the opportunity.


I also just wanted to talk about the new album and like, the changes that are apparent to me, in their sound and their relationship.

And I also included some pictures, because I can't make a Kills post without pictures. )

Man, am I done? I think I might be. Can I now just cling to you all and panic about the gig? I mean, anyone else's thoughts on all this ridiculous analysis would be nice, but mostly I think I just want to cling and panic. I am excited! It's just a very panicky sort of excitement.
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LAST NIGHT, THE NATIONAL MOVIE AWARDS HAPPENED. I was unaware of this until I got a text from [livejournal.com profile] moogle62 informing me that Georgie was there, so thanks for that Moog, and then I went to sit through the whole cringeworthy thing and it was pretty much worth it, because not only was Georgie there, but Anna and James were too. :D

It makes me sad that there are no pictures of them together, but maybe it'll be like the Empire Awards and one will show up later. Either way, they were at the same event so I'm sure they got a chance to catch up. And Georgie brought her sister Rachael again—I like that she's been doing that lately, it's sweet. I'm clearly getting kind of lazy with my pairings though because when I consider like, fic based around this event I'm just like "...eh, foursome?" *hangs head*

More. )

Also, some other random stuff. )
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So, you know a while ago I came across all those scans of retro gay porn magazines? And I've been posting the pictures from them that I like the most? WELL, I've also been saving other pictures from them, purely because they made me crack up/do a double-take/basically go 'wtf' and stare at the screen in bewilderment. And I thought it might lower the tone if I mixed them up with the others, soooo: this is a whole post devoted to the weirdest parts of those magazines.

Actually, I think at first I just went 'wtf' and skipped right over them, so it's not ALL the weirdest parts, but there's still some pretty weird/entertaining stuff.

I just thought this one was cute.

NFSW from here on out! )

Sadly, that is all. I have plenty more of the gay porn that actually succeeded in being nice to look at, though, so expect more of that in the near future!
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So. I bought the Dawn Treader DVD and I probably should have waited for a two-disc special edition of some sort because IT KIND OF REALLY SUCKS. The special features are basically just deleted scenes and commentary with Michael and Mark, plus music videos that I don't care about. FAIL. >:(

I'll probably end up listening to the commentary anyway because I suppose they might tell some cute stories about the cast but it's nowhere near as good as actually hearing the cast interact themselves and I'M STILL REALLY CROSS/SAD ABOUT THIS OKAY, THE COMMENTARY IS MY FAVOURITE PART. There aren't even any behind the scenes things. Apparently there's more on the Blu-Ray or something? And from what I can tell there's going to be a special edition version at some point in the future, but. Sigh.

Well, I watched the deleted scenes tonight and took a few caps and thought I'd talk about them anyway.

Under the cut. )

In case you don't have the DVD yet and are avoiding spoiling it for yourself,

other things. )
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HEY so I kind of forgot about the fact that the Narnia cast might still be like, going to events and stuff. (Except Ben, obvs, with Killing Bono and everything.)

And then there were the Empire Awards and this heart-meltingly sweet moment occurred and I was all preoccupied with realising that I ship James McAvoy/Keira Knightley and like, duh, why did I not realise that before, and then I wanted to write them and part of my brain was like "Hey, you also wanted to write James with Ben?" and so it just added him into the mix, and I was like "MAYBE BEN WAS AT THESE AWARDS TOO" and decided to Google it for potential fic realism, and Google was like "No, but you know who was? Just Georgie and Will P., looking adorable and couple-y. Nbd."

And I was like OH YES, THEM. And they are adorable and couple-y, and also Georgie's shoes are the cutest. THEY SAY 'LET'S DANCE' ON THEM.

Moar. )

The end.


I mean, they were at the same event, though. That's pretty cool. And I want to theorise about how that went down but wtf, I am legit writing James McAvoy/Keira Knightley/Ben Barnes??? SEND HELP.

...I feel like this entire post reads like something produced by the LJ Random Text Generator.

Edit: Oh my god you guys!

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More '70s gay porn. I like these ones a lot.

And bonus Britney Spears lyrics! I kind of love her new album. Shut up.

'cause i know that everybody's thinking it, when the light's out... NSFW. )

A video-porn post is in the making (as always, let me know if you want to be on that filter!), but my internet connection has been kinda temperamental of late which is making things difficult. :/
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The picture outside the cut probably would have been better if I'd posted this on Valentine's Day, but...eh, still amusing. Sex and sexy things picspam part three!

Click-through credit where available (which isn't often, sadly). If you recognise a picture that I haven't credited, please let me know!

you know just what i want, so please. NSFW. )

If you enjoyed this and are not already on my porn filter (under which I post downloads of porn in video-format) let me know and I'll add you to it! I also have a collection of pictures like this that are a little rougher and BDSM-themed, if anyone would be interested in a spam of those too.

...My journal is totally turning into a porn site. OH WELL.
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I come bearing more '70s gay porn magazine scans! In this selection: headbands! Penis-measuring! Policemen! Giant feathers!

Good times.

and forget about my tainted heart. NSFW. )

As always, let me know if you're still interested. ♥ Believe it or not, there's more to come! Thinking of doing another general porn spam like these two in the next few days, too. Porn porn pooorn.

Okay. I'm done now.


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