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It's from her photoshoot for Flaunt, which means that for SOME INSANE REASON they decided not to use any pictures of her in that outfit, but whatever.

Screencaps behind the cut. )

Also, recs! [livejournal.com profile] merae has been writing a really adorable crackfic consisting mostly of emails between Georgie and James, called bowls of pasta, rated PG, and [livejournal.com profile] lastling wrote could stick around and get along with you which is BEN/SKANDAR/GEORGIE, rated NC-17, and ridic hot and amazing.

I don't think I ever rec'd [livejournal.com profile] moogle62's Skandar/Tilda fic, actually, which is SHOCKING because it pretty much made me lose my mind. this is the challenge (what are you so afraid of?), NC-17, d/s and whipping and pain!kink and TILDA IS HANDCUFFED TO A BED, and I realise this idea probably only appeals to about three of you guys but omg omg it's amazing go read it.

OT3 HUGS FOR YOUR TIME. Ha, someone reblogged this from me on Tumblr and was like "lol using the classic 'stretch' move there Skandar" - SO TRUE.

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Okay so I'm gonna just continually update this post with new pictures. EXCITEMENT.



DID I MENTION THAT THERE IS FIC IN THE COMMENTS. [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius is amazing and managed to contain her excitement enough to actually put coherent sentences together in the form of stories. Will/Skandar, Skandar/Anna, Will/Anna(ish), Will P. gen, and Ben/Georgie. ♥
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Georgie and Will P. were interviewed at some kind of ice palace thing in L.A. yesterday. The video is like 11 minutes long but really cute and interesting.

Also I feel I should draw attention to the fact that GEORGIE IS WEARING A FRILLY SHIRT WITH SWANS ON IT. I actually quite like it, but it seems like the kind of thing Will (The First) would pick out. Anyway, though. The interview is kinda hard to hear in parts but there is a great transcript here at NarniaFans.com.

They are really adorable together. I just...it's weird, there's no instant OMG CRAZY CHEMISTRY feeling you get when you see them together, but every now and then there's this little moment which makes me feel like they're both secretly crushing on each other and not wanting to give it away. You know when you're into someone and you're sort of hyper-aware of little things you do?

First of all I love how Will sort of gestures to let Georgie be the first to answer the first question, aww (0:40). I also enjoy Will's mixing his metaphors when he's asked what it was like joining the group (question at 1:30)—he says they made him feel 'really welcome, like a house on fire', ahaha aww. And I think we all KNEW they'd get on well but it's so nice to have it confirmed. ♥

4:15 - Georgie teases Will for apologising all the time when he'd mess up at the beginning of filming. So cute! Her imitation of him and how she says it was so sweet! Awww. And when they talk about him being the new guy again and she says "Loved it though," and he pats her shoulder and says "You don't have to say that."

I like what they say about the way the films sort of expand on stuff that's only touched on in the books. I think that's true, and it's one of the reasons I like the films more.

LOL the best bit is at 8:12 when Georgie's asked which version of Lucy she enjoyed playing more. She says Lucy was cute in the first film, "I mean, I was quite cute back then," and Will pats her again, and then she gets all embarrassed. And Will says "Don't be silly," and then looks thoughtful and says, "It's true." Awwwwww HOW ARE THEY SO ADORABLE I CAN'T TAKE IT. And the interviewer says her fans would disagree and say she's just as cute now (truth!) and Will is like "There you go!"

And then at 10:55, Georgie talks about the comedy aspect of the film and she punches Will's shoulder all playfully when she says how hilarious he is. And then at the end of the interview they all high-five, ahaha. THIS IS HOW GEORGIE HENLEY ENDS INTERVIEWS, YOU GUYS. How can you not love her.

And finally, if you are craving fic, may I recommend [livejournal.com profile] merae's fantastic go at the Drabble Meme? There's a whole bunch of pairings and it's just great. ♥
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ONE YEAR CLOSER TO 18. Or probably like...65, mentally. Oh, Nick. You strange man-child, you.

No picspam because I'm kinda suffering from the post-birthday blues today, but feel free to celebrate in this post if you feel inclined!

I had a pretty good birthday myself, but I'm lacking in a social life these days so it was rather uneventful. I might go to the cinema this weekend with my bff though (to see 500 Days of Summer, YES!!). And I got some cool presents, including THIS incredible artwork from the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] eryslash, omg. ♥ There are also various chocolatey things in the fridge leftover from yesterday, so I'm gonna go devour them. Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes. ♥
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So, I made a Nick Jonas/Caleb Followill fanvid.

Yeah, that's how I'm choosing to start this entry. DON'T EVEN ASK ME WHERE IT CAME FROM. I'm still not entirely sure. All I know is that I hardcore ship them, now? It started out all ANGST and SEX and RELIGION, and now all of a sudden [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad and I CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT NICK AND CALEB GETTING GAY MARRIED AND LIVING ON A CORN FARM IN IOWA WITH THEIR BABY CALLED COSTELLO. Using Miley as their surrogate. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU GUYS. THIS IS MY LIFE NOW. It's not helped by this terrible quality video of an interview from last year where the following is said:

Caleb: I think we're the second best-looking brother band (something I can't hear). The Jonas Brothers are dressed up pretty nice.
Matt: No they're not!
Caleb: (Something, maybe 'We're good!') Saw 'em last night in the lobby. Jesus, those little guys. I know they're probably legal to drink here, but Disney would screw 'em if they ever saw them with a beer--it'd be in every magazine.

You guys, Caleb Followill thinks the Jonas Brothers are good looking and he feels sorry for them 'cause they can't have a drink. ♥_♥

But yeah, at some point during all of this, I was watching the Lines, Vines and Trying Times photoshoot video and it reminded me really strongly of Rolling Stone's At Home With Kings of Leon video. And then my brain started meshing the two and like, it has no real story and seriously, this is only the second fanvid I have ever made, but IT HAD TO BE DONE. Feel free to ignore my insanity.

IN OTHER NEWS, I have now finished my exams until January! SO YAY. Unfortunately, I am not free just yet, as I'm going to Rhode Island and New Hampshire for like...11 days. I leave on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it and everything and it's not like this should be freaking me out as much as it is seeing as it happens EVERY YEAR, but like...it's really freaking me out. I HAVE BECOME SO DEPENDENT ON CERTAIN INTERNET FRIENDS OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF MONTHS (has it even been that long?) AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'LL DO WITHOUT LIVEJOURNAL IN GENERAL. D:

Also, I realised the other day that in the Disney fandom, I pretty much never make reaction posts? I always just end up reacting on everyone else's reaction posts and leaving it at that. I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT IS? But a whole bunch of things have happened now and I don't want to make some giant rambly post about EVERYTHING. So here's a really brief overview: TACKLEHUG! My top three favourite songs on LVATT are Much Better, World War III and Black Keys! I still cannot quite believe they're getting away with that implied 'bitch' in Poison Ivy! I'm going to see them in Manchester with [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius in November!


Also, if you have ever in your life thought, you know what I'd like to read? The bass player from Kings of Leon drunkenly hitting on Demi Lovato and then taking her to get a tattoo the next day and then fucking her in his bathroom, I can hook you up. The characterisation is weirdly perfect and they're all bickery and adorable and hot all at the same time. Knock Down The Door, NC-17. It even comes with fake gossip site articles and texts and Twitter updates which all sound SO LEGIT IT'S SCARY. I fucking love [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad, you guys. (Also, it is INGRAINED IN MY BRAIN that Demi is a lesbian, but I totally bought this pairing, so this fic must have magical powers. Just sayin'.)

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I always thought it was "next time I see you, I'm givin' you a high five, cause I'm too over-rated, just FYI" and I JUST FOUND OUT THAT INSTEAD, IT IS THE RIDICULOUSLY LAME "cause hugs are over-rated just FYI". AND IT'S A MILEY REFERENCE? GAH.

Looool this really shouldn't bother me but IDK, I always thought that "I'm too over-rated" was kind of a cool thing for them to sing, and...the fact that it's HUGS is just kind of stupid.

ALSO I remember hearing a version once where it totally sounds like Nick sings "cause sex is over-rated" BUT AM I MAKING THAT UP? IF NOT, SOMEBODY MUST KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Eh, the lyrics of that song always kind of bugged me anyway because in the chorus it's "I gave my all for you" and it sounds awkward being 'for' instead of 'to'.

And just to reiterate how uncool I am, I totally bought Camp Rock chocolates today.

They even come with a keyring. I can't decide whether I'm uncool enough to actually put that on my keys, though.

Oh! AND. You should read this amazingly amazing Kings of Leon fic by [livejournal.com profile] jrocksee. It's called And Your Soul Smells Of Sulphur and it's Jared/Matthew and sort of UST Caleb/Nathan, rated R. It ties in with the Sex on Fire video in this really incredibly, clever, creepy way, and there's possession and biblical references and awesome imagery and just, nngh, read it. And then watch the Sex on Fire video. And then read it again. That may or may not be what I did.
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First of all I just want to ramble a bit about my feelings on the whole new cast idea, because I don't think I ever really talked about that except maybe in a couple of comments here and there. I was really upset at first, but after a while I kind of accepted it and now I don't really see why people are rejecting the season so early. I mean, I miss the old cast like crazy and I wish we'd been able to see more of them, but I'm excited about the new cast too and I think it's just kind of silly to make judgements on the season without even watching a couple of episodes. Some people have said they won't even be watching and that just makes no sense to me. When you first started watching Season 1, you didn't know any of the characters, and you grew to love them. So this is what's happening here, except it's in a show which has a format and style that you already enjoy. That's how I feel, anyway.

Plus there's Effy, who has my UNDYING LOVE, so of course even if the season is awful I'll keep watching it for her. ♥

OKAY ONTO THE SPOILERY STUFF. My thoughts about the episode and the new cast. )

Also this has nothing to do with Skins, but if you read Jonas Brothers fic, do yourself a favour and read this. It's called 'The Brothers Who Were Turned Into Birds', by [livejournal.com profile] annakovsky and it's Joe/Nick and it's rated R. It's actually probably one of the best fics I've ever read, I wasn't sure about it at first but it just sort of kicks off and sucks you in and it's just that sort of delicious, painful angst that makes you hurt and want more at the same time. The writing's absolutely amazing, too. It's just. Nnngh. Read it.
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First and foremost, Jesus Christ, if you ship Will/Skandar (hell, even if you don't) go and read [livejournal.com profile] hedonisticated's fic The Good Series RIGHT NOW. It's a four-parter with three parts done already, and it is absolutely breathtakingly incredible. The characterisation is perfect, the writing itself...basically makes me jealous, and if it doesn't make your heart ache then you don't have one. It's long, but every second that you spend reading it is WORTH IT.

Second, I will probably be posting my commentary post tonight. I actually took notes while I was watching, that's how pathetic I am. I was sitting there with my notebook scribbling down stuff like 'lolol Mr Lobster Legs'. (That will be explained.) Luckily, my Dad and his girlfriend are used to me getting like that over all things Narnia-related, so they weren't that surprised.

Third, I realise I've been kind of slacking with the fic-writing lately and I don't really have an excuse. I'll definitely try and work on all those requests. I also have this weirdly strong urge to write a Narnia RPF orgy!fic, basically Will/Skandar/Anna/Georgie/Ben. Which'd be disturbing and complicated and probably impossible to make realistic, but...agh I want to, so bad.

Lastly! There's that Christmas Wishlist meme going around. I feel totally weird about asking people to give me things (haha) but I do like the idea of the meme and spreading holiday joy etc etc, so I'm joining in. XD

Info and my list. )
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I had a dream last night where I slept over at Tilda Swinton's house. It was so awesome, she was giving me a tour and her house was like the coolest house ever. And we went into her twins' room, which was really small, but SO PRETTY -- it had dark green walls and everything was made of really dark coloured wood, and there was a huge bookshelf with lots of books that had really pretty, intricately designed spines. And we were talking and I lay down on one of the beds, and then I started to fall asleep (in a dream, wtf) and I was like "I'm so sorry, but I'm REALLY tired," and she was like "It's fine!" and tucked me in and stuff. HAHAHA WHAT. IDEK.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] fiere wrote me Remus/Sirius. It's called How It Really Happened, PG-13, and it's just...so lovely. I hadn't read that pairing in ages.

ALSO, some pictures of Anna at London Fashion Week, and Will at the...TAG Heuer British Formula 1 Drivers Exhibition? Whatever that is.

As usual, photos, and fashion sense debate. )

RIGHT. I'm off to go into town with my Dad's girlfriend and hopefully buy clothes that are better than Will's. It shouldn't be difficult.

EDIT: Another Will picture for the lulz. )
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THERE WAS JUST...SO MUCH GREAT STUFF. There was kitten!Skandar being all adorable and basically attached to me all day. There were Skandar birthday spam posts on [livejournal.com profile] foraslaaan and [livejournal.com profile] narnia_dazzle. ([livejournal.com profile] dee_lirious's picspam was great too and made me lol. :D) There's AMAZING PORN, let me rec:

Apres Moi, Le Deluge by [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius, Will/Skandar, NC-17. BLINDFOLDS. ENOUGH SAID, OKAY. SO HOT.

and also

Your Side Of The Bed by [livejournal.com profile] hedonisticated, Will/Skandar/Anna, NC-17. It is this incredible dom!Anna thing, and I basically can't even express my love for it, just head on over there and read my ridiculously long comment. *blush* ♥

AND THEN, I saw a photo of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson kissing, here. I'm already convinced that they're a couple so it's not an issue of 'proof', I just think they're ridiculously adorable and I totally ship them, so more photos of them being cute = happy Jen. ♥

AND THEN I saw the Youtube video of Tilda Swinton on Letterman!

I LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH. She cracked me up several times in this interview. She's just so cool, and like, casually hilarious. And I never knew that her twins were a boy and a girl? I thought it was two boys. I mean, they're called Xavier and Honor, how are you supposed to tell. XD They sound pretty awesome themselves, btw.

*happy sigh*
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Happy birthday Ben Barnes...you big weirdo.

I don't actually have any news, so idk why I'm updating. I'm just bored. I keep trying to write, and failing, due to various distractions. Like how we got three tons of gravel delivered yesterday and had to spend hours spreading it out over the driveway with rakes and stuff. Even when I wasn't helping out (...which was admittedly most of the time, I have no arm muscles) I couldn't write, because it was so noisy. I don't know what was wrong with the gravel we had before, my mother is a madwoman.

The Skandar hand porn post over at [livejournal.com profile] narnia_dazzle nearly killed me, omfg. This is going to make me sound ridiculous, but there are literally some parts of that boy that I can't look at for too long otherwise like, idk, the strength of my attraction scares me. Like his eyes. I still can't look at his eyes for very long. THEY'RE TOO AMAZING, OKAY.

Oh, I have some recs! First of all, [livejournal.com profile] dee_lirious wrote an absolutely incredible Will/Skandar fic for me called Untouched. Her writing is REALLY amazing, you guys. Read it. And [livejournal.com profile] lettersandliars wrote me Skandar/Anna, it's called The Still Point of the Turning World and it is so perfectly Skandar and Anna that I kind of wanted to cry. She also wrote a Susan/Lucy called Nevernever which is pretty much everything I have ever wanted from that pairing and I'm still sort of in awe of it. You're one of my favourite writers in this fandom, bb. ♥

Writing has started for [livejournal.com profile] teastaintheory!!! I am so excited. I just realised that I never told you guys to join, but I did post an entry about it in several Narnia communities, so probably everyone who's interested has joined already. But omfg, we have 70 members. 71 watchers. I told Sissi the other day that I'd probably die if it went up to over 50. I'm just kind of in shock, really.

Haha also, I saw a sign today that said 'Poulter' on it, and I was like "Heyyy, Poulter!" and my Mum was like "...what?". And it reminded me of something I've been meaning to say on here for a while -- that I'm so glad, in a weird way, that the Narnia fandom has taken so much interest in Will Poulter so far in advance of him actually doing anything. I mean, people ship him! With Georgie! With Ben! HE MAY NOT EVEN HAVE MET THEM YET. It's UTTERLY INSANE and I love it, I really do. Narnia fandom, you are so full of creepy awesome.

EDIT: Btw, I'm going to be away from this Friday afternoon until some time on Monday. I know I said I wasn't going away again, but that's because I THOUGHT I was only going to be away on Saturday and Sunday and it wouldn't count. It's my Granny's birthday party and I am still totally confused about why we have to be there for basically four days when the party itself is only a few hours on the Saturday. :/


Jun. 30th, 2008 10:29 pm
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The Natural Flow of Things by [livejournal.com profile] moonythestrals, Will/Skandar, NC-17. IT HAS CARS AND PORN AND AMAZING WRITING AND BASICALLY, I AM COMPLETELY INCOHERENT.


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