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So I'm still having a lot of Narnia cast feelings. I'm not entirely sure where this came from. I have this theory that because there were about three years between each movie, it's a sort of biological clock thing? Like some part of me recognises that three years have passed and there has not been a Narnia fandom resurgence and so it's like. Psst. Hey. HEY. IT'S NARNIA FANDOM TIME.

Or something. Alternatively, as [livejournal.com profile] starsimpulse put it, "Narnia is like this old flame that you keep going back to for comfort and embarrassing sex."

Anyway I've been getting super nostalgic and missing the days of talking about the Narnia cast on LJ and then I kind of realised that I can still do that?? So this is going to be kind of an update post where I talk about what everybody is up to these days. Maybe? Let's see.

News about Anna, Georgie, Skandar, Will, Ben, and Will P. under the cut. Also pictures and screencaps and stuff. )

Okay I think that's everything? I mean it's probably not everything, but it seems like a reasonable summary.

Somehow I've ended up making gifs of the Prince Caspian DVD commentary on Tumblr, and in order to do that, I basically transcribed all the cute/funny/interesting parts of the commentary. I feel like since I went to the effort I should probably post all of that here, like I did for the LWW one a few years back! I always meant to do it because the only other post I'd made on the PC commentary was when I first listened to it and I don't think I went into much detail. And I'm really determined to try and drag as many people as I can back into this fandom with me.

Oh oh, also! The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] prunesquallormd finally finished his epic Lucy/Susan fic, With A Clouded View, and you should all go read it right away if you're interested in that kind of thing, because it's utterly lovely and he worked really hard on it for a really long time. ♥ Edit: I forgot to mention it's also on AO3, here!
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Okay seriously who can I drag back into Narnia fandom with me? Anyone??

Title: 'imagine your polyship' ficlets
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Various combinations of Ben/Will/Anna/Skandar/Will P./Georgie
Rating: PG
Warnings: Real person fiction.
A/N: I've just been trying to write Narnia RPF again and this seemed like a fun way to ease back into it. Inspired by the Tumblr imagineyourpolyship. I didn't realise 'til after I'd written these, but for the most part they could easily be seen as platonic!

Four silly little ficlets behind the cut. )
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She did a photoshoot for THAT magazine, which isn't actually out yet, but there are behind-the-scenes pictures from it which are gorgeous.

Original + more. )

In other news, I've been watching a ridiculous amount of TV. I'm watching Game of Thrones and The Borgias, and generally enjoying both. Game Of Thrones, I'm less sure about—some of it really disturbs me, and I know that's kind of the point, but I just feel kind of nervous and uncertain about it. But I do like it! It gets like +1000 points for the incest and the slash. I really like The Borgias a lot—shipping Cesare/Lucrezia, obviously, and generally enjoying François Arnaud's face, and also there was consensual whipping which I approve of. I find the Cesare/Michelotto relationship really interesting. And now I want to read A Song of Ice and Fire and lots of books about the Borgia family, but I still suck at reading lately.

I'm also watching Camelot which, um, is not so good. I don't know, maybe Arthurian legend shows just don't do it for me, but it's just kind of boring, and really at this point I'm only watching for Eva Green and her OVERALL AWESOMENESS, being all crazy and powerful. (Also maybe a little bit for Jamie Campbell Bower.) What else? Baffled by the Fringe season finale, and growing increasingly concerned about the state of House (and also suddenly shipping Chase/Thirteen, where did that come from??). Rewatching the first season of The O.C., because I kept seeing stuff on Tumblr and getting nostalgic. I got so much of my music taste from that show back in the day, it's amazing—at least twice an episode, I'll be like "hey, I like this song!...oh, this is where I first heard this song."

In the past week or so I've also been marathoning Community and Parks & Recreation and wondering why I didn't do that sooner. SO GOOD, YOU GUYS. I don't actually laugh out loud that often at TV shows, and it's not like I don't find them funny, but it's more like...I appreciate the clever writing and I'm amused, but I'm not actually cracking up, you know? But both of these shows have been making me laugh regularly. Especially the flu episode of Parks & Rec. My Dad actually came in and asked me what was wrong because I was laughing so hard. "I can't go home! I have to get ready for the Chamber of Secrets!" "...Commerce." SPEAKING OF WHICH: I love Ben Wyatt. Can we talk about Adam Scott and his delightful face?

Can we talk about any of this, actually? I've basically just been sitting here watching all this TV and not really talking about it.

AND FINALLY, a meme which could be fun maybe if anyone is interested:

Mini-DVD Meme: Pick any paragraph or any passage of between 500-600 words from any fanfic I've written and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I made or wrote it, why I wrote it, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

My masterlist is here but I guess if you pick something I wrote ages ago I might not remember what I was thinking at the time. :/
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LAST NIGHT, THE NATIONAL MOVIE AWARDS HAPPENED. I was unaware of this until I got a text from [livejournal.com profile] moogle62 informing me that Georgie was there, so thanks for that Moog, and then I went to sit through the whole cringeworthy thing and it was pretty much worth it, because not only was Georgie there, but Anna and James were too. :D

It makes me sad that there are no pictures of them together, but maybe it'll be like the Empire Awards and one will show up later. Either way, they were at the same event so I'm sure they got a chance to catch up. And Georgie brought her sister Rachael again—I like that she's been doing that lately, it's sweet. I'm clearly getting kind of lazy with my pairings though because when I consider like, fic based around this event I'm just like "...eh, foursome?" *hangs head*

More. )

Also, some other random stuff. )
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Oh my god, so, this is finally finished. I'm not sure how I feel about it—I mostly just resent that it's so absurdly long. I'm not sure if I've paid tribute to my favourite movie or done a disservice to it. But either way, here we go—the Skandar/Georgie/Will P. Dreamers!fic. In...four parts. *cowers* Apologies in advance for flist-spamming!

Title: one of us
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Skandar/Georgie/Will P.
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Real person het and slash, semi-explicit underage sex (Georgie is fourteen), drug use.
Summary: There's just something about them—something that makes him want to do whatever they ask, something that makes him want to be their friend.
A/N: Based on The Dreamers. Some parts are heavily inspired, others not so much—this will still make sense if you haven't seen the movie or read the book. The song Georgie dances to is 'Compliments' by Bloc Party. There may well be a mistake or two in here that I haven't managed to catch because it's so long, please let me know if you pick up on anything.

(2/4) (3/4) (4/4)

one of us (1/4) )
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So. I bought the Dawn Treader DVD and I probably should have waited for a two-disc special edition of some sort because IT KIND OF REALLY SUCKS. The special features are basically just deleted scenes and commentary with Michael and Mark, plus music videos that I don't care about. FAIL. >:(

I'll probably end up listening to the commentary anyway because I suppose they might tell some cute stories about the cast but it's nowhere near as good as actually hearing the cast interact themselves and I'M STILL REALLY CROSS/SAD ABOUT THIS OKAY, THE COMMENTARY IS MY FAVOURITE PART. There aren't even any behind the scenes things. Apparently there's more on the Blu-Ray or something? And from what I can tell there's going to be a special edition version at some point in the future, but. Sigh.

Well, I watched the deleted scenes tonight and took a few caps and thought I'd talk about them anyway.

Under the cut. )

In case you don't have the DVD yet and are avoiding spoiling it for yourself,

other things. )
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This is like, a Narnia updates megapost type thing. Only not particularly mega. It's just a few bits of news that I've been meaning to post.

Although before I get to that, I want to let you guys know that I'm having some laptop issues and am basically getting the blue screen of death at completely random moments. D: I've already had to do a full reinstall of Windows, and it's been like four days of computer stress so far. So if it's taking me a while to reply to comments/emails or read your fic or something, I'm not ignoring you, just having difficulties. ♥

Right, so Ben and Will P. did a little bit of promotion for the DVD release.

More, plus news of Will and Anna. )

I feel like I've forgotten something, but I'd better just hurry up and post this before my laptop blue screens again. :(
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First of all, if you haven't seen this yet, you need to. Look at James getting a little bit flustered and forgetting his notes, and saying ALL THE NICE THINGS, and Keira immediately hugging him when she comes onstage and then looking back for him after she does her speech, and the way they sort of scurry off together with their arms around each other. CUTEST, CUTEST. ♥_♥

And, secondly, what is this? Where did this come from? I wrote it in an embarrassingly short period of time and really have very little explanation for it. I just like writing about Ben Barnes becoming entangled in unexpected sexual situations, plus I think deep down I have always wanted to write Keira Knightley. I have adored her since I was about twelve. It was a lot of fun writing James, too - I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be more fic about him having sex.


Title: five rules for impromptu threesomes
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Ben Barnes/James McAvoy/Keira Knightley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person het and slash, adultery
Summary: Entirely grey décor! Evil heron statues! Apricot beard shampoo! Conversational mazes! This is how Ben ends up taking James McAvoy and Keira Knightley back to his hotel room at nearly 2am on a Sunday. Well, a Monday, technically, which he's pretty sure makes it even weirder.
A/N: I keep thinking this is completely ridiculous, but then, James is friends with Keira and he is also friends with Ben and also I love them all, SHUT UP IT'S NOT THAT FAR-FETCHED. *looks again at summary* Okay...no, this is completely ridiculous.

Keira cocks her head. 'You know, you're really quite lovely,' she says, in something like bemusement. )
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HEY so I kind of forgot about the fact that the Narnia cast might still be like, going to events and stuff. (Except Ben, obvs, with Killing Bono and everything.)

And then there were the Empire Awards and this heart-meltingly sweet moment occurred and I was all preoccupied with realising that I ship James McAvoy/Keira Knightley and like, duh, why did I not realise that before, and then I wanted to write them and part of my brain was like "Hey, you also wanted to write James with Ben?" and so it just added him into the mix, and I was like "MAYBE BEN WAS AT THESE AWARDS TOO" and decided to Google it for potential fic realism, and Google was like "No, but you know who was? Just Georgie and Will P., looking adorable and couple-y. Nbd."

And I was like OH YES, THEM. And they are adorable and couple-y, and also Georgie's shoes are the cutest. THEY SAY 'LET'S DANCE' ON THEM.

Moar. )

The end.


I mean, they were at the same event, though. That's pretty cool. And I want to theorise about how that went down but wtf, I am legit writing James McAvoy/Keira Knightley/Ben Barnes??? SEND HELP.

...I feel like this entire post reads like something produced by the LJ Random Text Generator.

Edit: Oh my god you guys!

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A few more stray pictures from Tokyo. )

Speaking of Ben/Georgie, I still have this really strong desire for a fic in which Ben is head-over-heels like RIDICULOUSLY in love with Georgie but entirely oblivious to his own feelings (in denial, essentially), and wanting to see her all the time and spend time with her and buy her things and Georgie is sort of like "huh, okay, well this is nice", and everyone else is like "uh, Ben..." and he's just like "ISN'T GEORGIE THE BEST? :D" and eventually someone sits him down and is like "this is a little bit inappropriate, you seem to be crushing on a fifteen year old" and he's like "what an absurd idea--OH GOD."

Anyway, I guess I might update this if higher quality ones turn up? I HOPE THEY DO, I NEED TO SEE THE HAND-CLASPING/LOVING GAZES IN HQ.

Also, Georgie did these audition videos for a movie called The Expatriate, here and here, and the emotional bits are really impressive. This inspired [livejournal.com profile] merae to write a really devastating but amazing fic called Small Bird of a Hand, which I recommend.

I feel like I must have other things to update about. Um. Did I mention I finally watched Inception? I KNOW IT TOOK ME LIKE FOREVER, OKAY, BUT I'VE SEEN IT TWICE NOW AND I REALLY LOVE IT. I'm kind of open to any ships (especially involving Arthur ♥, but excluding Ariadne/male, simply because I have a mental block there in that ELLEN PAGE IS A LESBIAN) and would like some recs if you have any? Have any of you guys written for the fandom? I basically ignored everything about it before because I hadn't seen the movie, but now I obviously want to explore. Ridiculously late to the party I knooooow.

I also watched The Social Network...which I really did not enjoy. I'M SO SORRY, FLIST, I TRIED. BUT NO. I was worried I might just watch it and be indifferent and not really get the hype, but I actively disliked it, and I'm so disappointed by that. Let's just not talk about it. (I still think Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield are really sweet and in love, though? So there's that?)

I've also somehow managed to watch two seasons of Criminal Minds in like, a stupidly short amount of time, and I'm really enjoying it, mostly because I've fallen madly in love with Reid. Which was predictable. Seriously, though, it's like they created a character based purely on 'things Jenny finds attractive in men'. WOULD WELCOME RECS FOR THAT TOO. Basically shipping Reid/everyone so far, but mostly Reid/Hotch and Reid/Morgan. OBVIOUSLY.

Right, I think this post has been sufficently all over the place, I'll go now.
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Pictures of them arriving at the airport from yesterday, and some of the actual premiere—updating as they show up. )

Also, it may interest some of you to know that I am almost finished with a fic in which Georgie ties Ben to her bed and has her way with him. WHAT IS MY LIFE.

Edited for VIDEO. )
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Aaand, it's LJ Markov Random Text Generator time! There are a lot, they've been really good lately. Idk what that says about the state of my journal...

Reporter: Georgie, what do you like in a lesbian.
I wouldn't mind this question being asked, tbh.

Will is clearly a lie.
Last time, Ben didn't exist. Now Will is a lie? ...Clearly.

Skandar: Oh, and also, sexual activity in the sleigh
...Uhm. No comment.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he babbles, feeling exponentially stupid. How can he be planning to somehow magically cure the pain with his toy badger still.
Okay, now I want fic of Will trying to cure somebody's pain with his toy badger.

Georgie just KNEW Will would have been all over the long socks and everything!
Haha this sounds fairly reasonable.

Okay, so for some mysterious reason, no pictures have surfaced of Skandar and Will failing at subtlety. )

Now that that insanity's over with, APPARENTLY THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER BIT OF MOVIE PROMOTION ON SUNDAY. Ben and Georgie are going to attend a premiere in Japan. They're the two we've seen the most of lately, but I'm not going to complain because BEN AND GEORGIE, ALONE TOGETHER AT A PREMIERE IN JAPAN. I AM EXCITE.

And finally and unrelatedly, there's that genderswap recasting meme going around on Tumblr and I LOVE IT, it's so much fun. Someone recast Effy Stonem with Skandar, and I fell in love, and then decided that Kaya Scodelario would definitely be my female!Edmund, and then that led to this being created, and then also this, mostly because Kaya Scodelario/Imogen Poots would be pretty hot. I want to do more of this but idk what else I would feel confident recasting? I thought about The Dreamers but probably Louis Garrel would be Isabelle and Eva Green would be Theo, and then there's not much point to that.

I'm rambling, I'll go away now.
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It's from her photoshoot for Flaunt, which means that for SOME INSANE REASON they decided not to use any pictures of her in that outfit, but whatever.

Screencaps behind the cut. )

Also, recs! [livejournal.com profile] merae has been writing a really adorable crackfic consisting mostly of emails between Georgie and James, called bowls of pasta, rated PG, and [livejournal.com profile] lastling wrote could stick around and get along with you which is BEN/SKANDAR/GEORGIE, rated NC-17, and ridic hot and amazing.

I don't think I ever rec'd [livejournal.com profile] moogle62's Skandar/Tilda fic, actually, which is SHOCKING because it pretty much made me lose my mind. this is the challenge (what are you so afraid of?), NC-17, d/s and whipping and pain!kink and TILDA IS HANDCUFFED TO A BED, and I realise this idea probably only appeals to about three of you guys but omg omg it's amazing go read it.

OT3 HUGS FOR YOUR TIME. Ha, someone reblogged this from me on Tumblr and was like "lol using the classic 'stretch' move there Skandar" - SO TRUE.

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I feel like it's a good time for me to do that meme where you post snippets from unfinished fic that you have lying around. I have eleven, some are ones I'm currently working on, and some are completely stalled and/or ancient and I feel like they may as well be shared.

All Narnia RPF, not surprisingly! There's a whole bunch of pairings, and ratings vary but go up to NC-17. Anything else worth warning for is specified in the heading above the extract.

1. Skandar/Ben/Georgie – ha, this is literally all I have for this. There was a prompt on the kink meme about Skandar and Georgie teaming up together to seduce Ben, and…that was relevant to my interests.
"He's bisexual," Skandar snaps, "we both have a chance."

"He likes girls better," Georgie fires back.

"Legal girls, maybe," Skandar retorts, and Georgie pouts at him.

+10 under the cut! )
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[livejournal.com profile] harmonyalr just sent me this article. Just the other day I was thinking about James/Georgie and what it would be like if he bumped into her at an event now, and how he's probably so surprised at how much she's grown. And then I was thinking about how we've basically not heard a Narnia-related word from James since LWW, and how much that sucks. But now this!

It's been six years since Georgie Henley and James McAvoy appeared in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe together.

While James, 31, hasn't seen Georgie, 15, in a while, he had nothing but praises to sing when JJJ caught up with him over the weekend in Los Angeles.

He exclusively shared with us, "I haven't seen Voyage of the Dawn Treader yet and I’m absolutely gutted. I've been ridiculously busy on X-Men that I haven't had the chance to see anything. Even though it was a long time ago, I still do feel a part of that family. It's a great and nice group of people who work on those movies.

"I'm really good friends with Ben [Barnes] and I saw Georgie doing press for the movie on BBC Breakfast one day. I couldn't believe how much she had grown up. I was absolutely shocked. I remember we used to play around when she was smaller — she used to sit on my knee and all that. When I saw her...she's a young woman now, turning into a very beautiful young lady. Then, I realized that I was getting old (laughs)."

I'm just re-reading this like ♥_♥, what even, I only started shipping them like a month ago. CAN WE HAVE FIC OF THIS ACCIDENTAL BBC BREAKFAST MEETING? Turning into a beautiful young lady. Making him feel old! Ficficfic.

And also, obviously, now James/Ben needs to exist. I didn't even know they'd met, I wonder when that happened. And guys, how nice is it to hear that he still feels like a part of the family? I really thought he'd just left it all behind him and didn't really care anymore. This has made me so stupidly happy.
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So for some reason, I decided to listen to the LWW commentary again recently? And because I've gotten into the habit of obsessively quoting things, I ended up transcribing like half of it. I DON'T KNOW WHY I DO WHAT I DO. But it happened, and it seems ridiculous for me not to post it. I also ripped the commentary and made it into an .mp3 just to round things off. Idc, I love the commentaries. If they don't do one for Dawn Treader, I'll be inconsolable, I'm saying this now.

Andrew: This would probably be new to you guys, because a lot of this was computer-generated and we did it after the fact, we just shot the pilots on green screen. How did it feel seeing this having not really known what was going on when you were running around the house?
Georgie: (to Skandar) You look like a monkey, you've got sticky-out ears!
Skandar: No I don't!
Georgie: I'm only kidding.
Skandar: Why are you so mean?
Georgie: I'm only kidding, you've got lovely ears.
Skandar: Thanks, Georgie.
Anna: I remembered that this was the start of the story, but for some reason I wasn't expecting it when we watched the film, 'cause when you think Narnia you just kind of think snow—
Will: Fake snow.
Anna: —but it opens with these bomber planes and you're kind of taken aback.
Skandar: We're all joking around and Anna has this perfectly educated answer, like, yes, yes.
UGH I LOVE HOW THIS IS LIKE THE FIRST BIT OF INTERACTION AND IT ESTABLISHES THEIR WHOLE DYNAMIC SO WELL. I love how Andrew is like "talk about how this scene was for you guys" and Georgie is like "SKANDAR'S EARS ARE FUNNY."


[download] .mp3 of the LWW commentary on Mediafire.

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Yesterday, Georgie walked the catwalk for Alberta Ferretti and attended some dinner or something, and—not surprisingly—looked ridiculously beautiful. Hnnnng.

More underage gorgeousness under the cut. )

I have a 'sixteen? that's impossible' tag, I believe that was created for Nick Jonas. Now I feel like I need a 'fifteen? god dammit' tag for Georgie...

In other news, I'm mostly focusing on some absolutely absurd Skandar/Tilda fic lately, and you can (probably) expect a nostalgia-filled post about the LWW commentary later today.


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