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Sooo, this is the end of my Weeds season 7 meta. It took me a while to get it written and posted for some reason.

As usual, the focus is on the Botwins and their feelings about each other, making these posts less like recaps and more like...well, me rambling about things I enjoy. Which I guess is what I use my entire journal for, come to think of it.

Season 7, episodes 10 to 13. )
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WEEDS RAMBLING TIME. Okay, it's been a while since I watched this, so it might be tricky. I've got notes that I took at the time, but some of them are vague and I don't remember the context. There's a lot of them though. This season was a goldmine for family weirdness, but it is DARK AS HELL, I forgot about that! Essentially, it's horrific, so I'll be ignoring a lot of things. Also I've been marathoning The Mighty Boosh lately, so my brain has gone totally weird, but let's stick it out and hopefully this will make reasonable amounts of sense.

And I'm using my 'be more incestuous! oh wait impossible' tag for this entry, on account of this being the season in which SHANE MASTURBATES TO NAKED PICTURES OF HIS OWN MOTHER. If that doesn't justify the use of said tag, I don't know what does.


It looks like my season 5 post, if I ever get around to that, is going to be the longest yet. I have issues. :/
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Don't worry! I will not be only posting about Jedward from now on! I'd like to say that was a momentary lapse in my sanity, but it appears to be continuing, so we'll just have to see. (I may have bought a t-shirt and downloaded an album; it doesn't look promising.)

But in the meantime, more Weeds! Fewer caps and stuff this time around because I got lazy, but lots of over-analysis because, y'know, I'm still me.

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More Weeds rambling! I bet you're shocked. At this point, I'm basically only talking about the Botwins and how they feel about each other, partly because that's the most interesting part of the show to me, and partly because there are so many layers and things going on in Weeds that if I focus on everything I get sort of overwhelmed. Plus, y'know, then these posts would probably be twice as long. So yeah, not genuine recaps at all! Just me talking about things I really like. Again, not terribly surprising.

Season 7, episodes 7 to 9. )
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Title: what we've been dealt
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Weeds (specifically, the Botwins and their feelings towards Nancy)
Sounds like: Mostly rock and electro. Frustration, bitterness, helpless adoration, resentment, and neglect. Love/hate.
Notes: Includes 16 individual .mp3s, plus .rar and .zip to download from Mediafire.

you drive me so reckless / you'll kill us all )
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I've been writing notes as I watch, sort of putting things under different headers, so I'll try to group stuff together. Not surprisingly, though, it is mostly just rambling with the occasional cap/gif/quote thrown in.

(Psst. Watch this show. Please. This season had Zooey Deschanel in it!)

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Um. Continuing with the "make ALL THE THINGS" stage of my Weeds obsession, I made a fanvid focusing on season 6 (otherwise known as the most amazing season of anything ever). The song is 'Black Tongue' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Youtube has informed me that it is blocked in Germany for some reason, so you can download it here (~90MB) if streaming doesn't work for you.

Hope you enjoy. ♥ Vidding is still an area in which I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun. Up next: possibly a fanmix, because I CAN'T STOP.
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...Yeah, this is another Weeds post. APOLOGIES. THERE WILL PROBABLY BE A LOT OF THOSE FOR A WHILE. But I decided to start rewatching the show right from the beginning, and it turned out to be an AWESOME DECISION, because IT IS SO GOOD. I started watching the show in January last year, and devoured the first few seasons in a week or something stupid, so it's all pretty hazy in my memory. Mostly, I remember not really getting it but still getting weirdly addicted anyway. And it's strange because I always thought it only got REALLY good in the later seasons, but it turns out IT WAS AMAZING ALL ALONG.

If you do not watch the show, I urge you to start. I don't do this a lot, but seriously - I'm starting to think Weeds might be my favourite show ever. And if you DO watch the show, and it's been a while since you saw the earlier seasons, I urge you to rewatch them! It's SO interesting to see how things started out, where the cracks in the foundations began to appear. The foreshadowing is genius and you can tell that certain things were planned for a long time.


I'm already starting season 3, so, I will probably do a post like this for each season. BECAUSE I'M A RIDICULOUS HUMAN BEING.
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This is the first thing I've written that's under 2000 words in like...approximately forever. It's weird, I always figured if I wrote something like this it would be more one-sided and probably Shane/Nancy—but the way Silas's relationship with her is portrayed at the moment is just so fascinating to me. Therefore: incestuous fanfiction.

I am so predictable.

Title: fighting fire with firewood
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Silas/Nancy
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Um. Mother/son incest. Angry!sex.
Summary: He doesn't pretend that she's anybody else. There wouldn't be any point. It makes his stomach twist, but he needs it. He's needed it for a long time. A physical expulsion of everything that he feels for her, all of it; the hatred and resentment, love and want. In that sense it feels fucking incredible, but in every other, it's the worst thing in the world.
A/N: Oh god, I don't know. THEY'VE BEEN GIVING OFF CERTAIN VIBES LATELY. I don't really have an excuse. Title from Bloc Party's 'One Month Off'.

They're arguing again. )
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This is um, longer. Because some really awesome stuff happened in the last three episodes. It also basically turned into me rambling about everybody's relationships, instead of the show in general. BUT THE SHOW IN GENERAL IS GOOD. WATCH IT IF YOU DON'T ALREADY. And then come back here and talk to me about it.

Season 7, episodes 4 to 6. )

If you made it through this, I love you.
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SO CAN WE TALK ABOUT WEEDS? I'm really enjoying the new season, but I was too busy enjoying it to do a post on each episode right after it aired, and so instead I've ended up with a bunch of (flaily) meta and screencaps for everything so far. And it feels like the sort of thing one posts on Tumblr, but everything I have to say is tinged with mother/son incest and I feel more safe talking about that here. THOUGH NOT BY MUCH. Last November I made a similar post (just about the season 6 finale) and was like "more on the mother/son incest thing later UNLESS IT WILL MAKE ME LOSE FRIENDS" and then I never posted again because I was still too scared to talk about it. -_-

I don't know, I mean, I feel like I'm just expanding on what the show portrays, but if that kind of thing seriously squicks you, I guess don't read this? Ughhh I totally used to hate the idea of parent/child but suddenly mother/son is the most interesting thing in the world to me. DAMN YOU, WEEDS. DAMN YOU TOO, JOHN LENNON. (Long story.) Honestly, though, it's more about the relationships as they are, as opposed to me wanting or expecting them to start making out any time soon. But still! Feel free to judge me! I'm judging myself a little bit, so. (Speaking of things I should probably be judged for: Alexander Gould is growing up well, right? ...Right?)

Season 7, episodes 1 to 3. )

MORE OF THIS TO COME, IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. Probably even if no one is interested, mannn I love this show, I don't even care.
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CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE WEEDS SEASON SIX FINALE. AND HOW THE ENTIRE SEASON WAS SO AMAZING THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. I mean, I'm so glad that I didn't give up on it near the end of season 5, because I very nearly did and that would have been a MISTAKE. I'm pretty sure this season is the best it's ever been, and the finale was just...perfect. (Although I'm really, really glad it's been picked up for another season because HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN.)

Spoilers behind the cut. Also a picspam and quotes! )

I keep thinking, there are other shows that are based on this sort of insanity. Where crazy shit happens, and you never know what to expect. But I think Weeds does it better than any other show. It sort of embraces the bizarre, and the writers seem to know when they've written themselves into a corner and they turn it around and make things fresh again. And all without losing sight of the characters and who they are and what they mean to each other.

Like, just for a comparison—The L Word? The crazy shit that happened in The L Word TOTALLY overshadowed everything else, to the point where nobody seemed to be themselves anymore and so it was difficult to care about the characters' struggles—they'd lost their original personalities and were like blank slates for the writers to do whatever they wanted with. But throughout six seasons of Weeds, that hasn't happened. These people are still the people they've always been, the changes in their characters are completely realistic, and the intense undying love they have for each other gets stronger by the episode (and no less believable). ♥ I love it.

It's also making me ship mother/son for the first time in my life. More on that later UNLESS IT WILL MAKE ME LOSE FRIENDS??

Anyway. That was longer than I meant for it to be.

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Hey, so, you know how sometimes I'm reasonably active in a few fandoms at once? And I have some fic on the go, only for some reason I get hit by a sudden bout of writer's block, and no matter how much I stare at the stories I can't seem to continue them? And then completely out of nowhere, when I'm least expecting it, I get hit with a sudden plotbunny for a TOTALLY RANDOM FANDOM which probably consists of about twelve people, and end up writing an entire fic in like, a day?

You know that whole sequence of events?

Yeah, it happened again.

*sigh* I'm kind of annoyed, because, you know, I'd really rather have been finishing off one of the several WIPs I've got going, but I guess we should all just be glad I'm writing at all. Maybe this'll kickstart some more? LET'S HOPE.

Anyway, it's Weeds fic. I don't think I've even mentioned that I watch Weeds. I started early this year—I just watched the episodes Zooey Deschanel guest-starred in, and then got hooked and watched it all. I had a total love/hate relationship with it for a whole five seasons. Like seriously, one second I'd be like WHY AM I WATCHING THIS, IT'S NOT FUNNY, I'M NOT ENJOYING MYSELF, I HATE ALL THESE CHARACTERS, and the next second I'd be loling all over the place and declaring it my new favourite show.

And thennn it got really stale halfway through season 5, and I stopped watching for months, and then people were saying the new season was really good, so I caught up. AND OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, NEW FAVOURITE SHOW. Maybe. Season 6 is delightfully insane. I'm a sucker for fucked up families as is, but fucked up families ON THE RUN? Roadtrips and motels and changes of identity! I LOVE IT. I feel like the show has finally fully embraced its own ridiculousness, and as far as I'm concerned, it's never been better.

So uh, to celebrate that: incestuous fanfiction. I AM SO PREDICTABLE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

Title: the cock of a rifle, a memory in the dark
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Silas/Shane
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, obviously, and Shane being underage. (How old is he even supposed to be these days? Maybe I don't want to know.)
Summary: Silas says, "Y-yeah," because—well, fuck knows why, because apparently it's impossible to be a morally decent Botwin and because right now he's pretty sure he might die if somebody doesn't touch his dick.
A/N: Set during 6x02, so spoilers up until then. Title from, uh, 'Erection' by The Faint. Yeah. I can't lie, this is a pretty weird story.

'You are so fucked up.' )


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