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I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK. I decided to attempt the drabble meme to see if it could kick me back into action, and it may have worked. I cheated though—I listened to each song a couple of times and totally edited them a little bit after. But shh! The important thing is that I wrote something, right??

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays.
You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble
You start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I chose The Kills for my fandom, which basically means Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince and everyone who is tangentially connected to them. There's actually a lot less Alison/Jamie here than you might expect, and that's because this was a really good opportunity to experiment with all kinds of other combinations.

Title: Drabble Meme #3
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince, Alison Mosshart/Noel Fielding, Alison Mosshart/Jack White, Alison Mosshart/Kate Moss, Kate Moss/Noel Fielding/Russell Brand, Alison Mosshart/Kate Moss/Noel Fielding, everyone/everyone.
Rating: It varies, but let's go with NC-17 to be safe.
Warnings: Real person het and femslash, and hints of slash. A few have mentions of violence and rough sex, and a couple are slightly cracky, but I think that's it.
A/N: Well, er...these seemed less weird at the time.

You are probably aware that I'm not very good at drabbles. )
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Holy crap, I finished this.

Title: not falling together
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince, and Alison Mosshart/various (Jack White, Noel Fielding, Brian Molko, and sort Kate Moss) plus mentions of Jamie Hince/some of those same people.
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Real people. Violence (occasionally during sex and including a bit of breathplay), drug use, and slightly excessive infidelity.
Summary: It used to be just the two of them in this tiny room, and now they're letting others in. It feels like they're coming apart at the seams, and Alison doesn't know how to fix it.
A/N: This basically deals with speculated changes/struggles in Alison and Jamie's relationship brought about by Kate and The Dead Weather. The timeline spans from September 2009 to December 2011, so not surprisingly, it is LONG. Thank you to the people who encouraged me—you know who you are. ♥ (2/2)

Jamie shows up the day after Alison gets back, lets himself in with the key he still has and scares her half to death when she wakes up to his grinning face. )
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I feel a bit stupid about this, but also like it makes sense in a weird way. I've often thought that these pairings aren't too dissimilar from the incestuous ones I ship, because there's that intense closeness but also a really significant line that stops them from going too far. Also, you know, sometimes Jack White says things that are just asking for fanfiction.

I will warn you now that AUs are not my strong suit.

Title: just grew there wild
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jack White and a bit of Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince, with mentions of Jamie Hince/Kate Moss and other pairings in varying levels of vagueness.
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Real person het, cousin/cousin incest, and twincest if you squint. Also, age differences? Alison is 16, Jack and Jamie are 18 and 24.
Summary: An AU in which Jack and Meg are twins, Dean and LJ are their brothers, Alison is their cousin who spends the summers with them, and Kate and Karen are sisters who live next door. (And Jamie is still just Jamie.)
A/N: What is this? This is so ridiculous. I blame this thing that Jack said and [livejournal.com profile] restlesspulse for encouraging me to make something of it. XD Title from 'Use It' by The New Pornographers. And I feel like I should mention that I've messed with everyone's age differences a little bit to make things work, but you know, I've also made a bunch of them related, so if you're looking for realism you're in the wrong place.

Last time Alison saw them, she was eleven and they were thirteen, but even five years later she recognizes them instantly. )
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Or, a really ridiculous idea.

Either way, it was brought about by this interview with The Kills. They're asked how they can be so sexual even though they split up. (I love it when they're asked if they're a couple and stuff, it's so interesting to analyse their reactions.) Anyway, Jamie's like "We were never lovers" and the interviewer is like "Never?" and they're both like "Mm-mm, never" and then there's a pause, and Jamie goes "So...that's why." And then Alison cracks up and there's awkward laughter all round. (If you just want to watch that bit, there are little markers you can hover over to see which question is asked at each timestamp.)

This kind of reveals something about how Jamie sees the two of them and their sexuality, right? ...Right?

Click to humour me. )

They really do drive me crazy sometimes. MAKE SENSE.
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Lol, in my last entry I was like "I'm not writing at the moment but I'll probably post some picspams or something!" and since then I've been writing TONS. I've actually been working on something else, this really long Kills fic about the two of them drifting apart. Originally the focus of it was Alison having lots of sex with other people, but that's barely a part of it anymore, and I think my brain is like BUT I WANTED TO WRITE PORN because then this just sort of magically appeared.

'This' being some slightly kinky Alison/Jack PWP. I DID NOT EVER EXPECT TO WRITE SUCH A THING. I feel like I'm cheating on Alison/Jamie. This is exactly the kind of fic I would probably be opposed to reading, and yet I seem to have written it.

Title: take your coat off and make a mess of me
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jack White
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person het, light bondage, breathplay, rough and slightly angry sex.
Summary: Short PWP. Her hair's still damp with sweat, and her t-shirt's soaked too from the show, and maybe to another man she would seem disgusting, but this is how he likes her best—when she's still Baby Ruthless, high from performing, fierce and bold and demanding. A woman you have to restrain.
A/N: I have very little idea of where this came from, but here it is. I guess I've probably just been wanting to write some quick and dirty submissive!Alison for a while now. Title from 'Two Left Feet' by Anya Marina.

He ties her hands down, because otherwise they roam, and he doesn't like to let them. )
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KILLS POST. Mainly because I want to talk about this quote of Jamie's, from a recent interview that I can no longer locate for some reason:

When we started off, we used to play in a little soundproof cupboard, and it was just me and her sitting opposite each other, playing. And there was feeling, like we were making some sort of electricity, it felt really good. It felt like...there's something there. And um, we've kind of taken that idea and kind of blown it out of all proportion, and I want - that to me is the soul of The Kills, is that electricity, and I can almost take it, I want to take it to all kinds of different types of music and it still be there. People recognise it because of that feeling, because of that electricity.

It gave me a thought that had somehow never occurred to me before. Whenever I thought about why nothing happened between the two of them at the very beginning, I always figured it was something to do with the age difference (which isn't a big deal now, but back then Alison was in her late teens while Jamie would've been nearing his 30s, and I could see it weirding him out at least). But man—this quote just makes it all seem so simple, and it makes me really sad.

Rambling. )

And in other news, Jamie and Kate got married! Alison wore black to their wedding! According to ridiculous tabloids that we probably shouldn't believe, she gave a really terrible and awkward best man's speech! )

Okay seriously I'm going away now. When it comes to me, Kills posts will never be concise or sensible ever.

*brain explodes*
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So I promised a few people that I would update about The Kills concert last week, and this is that post. I'm afraid it won't be very interesting. I mean, nothing earth-shattering happened, and I didn't take any photos, so the gist will probably be something like "It was good! They played some songs and I enjoyed them! But I got the hiccups. Sadface."

I'm trying to focus on the good things though because—well, with my social anxiety, and the fact that I rarely leave the house these days, it was difficult. I mean, I knew it would be difficult, so I was kind of prepared, but I just have the tendency to fixate on every negative thing until the event becomes this awful thing in my mind. But it wasn't! I just need to keep reminding myself I'm being ridiculous.

So here we go. )

In other news, I have been alone in the house since Wednesday lunchtime and will continue to be until Tuesday morning, because my Mum is on holiday. I have cats to keep me company, and I've had phone calls from various family members (including my grandparents—even the ones in the US, bless them), and I'm no longer thinking I'm going to die whenever I hear a tiny noise at night, but I'm still kinda going stir crazy. *clings to you all* KEEP ME ENTERTAINED? Let's talk about Kills fic that I should write.
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So I want to talk about The Kills. First of all, the important news is that I'm going to see them in concert which is still sort of blowing my mind a little bit, and like, the gig is at the end of the month so I should probably start believing that it's actually happening. I might have mentioned this before, but I don't cope very well with concerts. I get freaked out by crowds and heat, and standing up for long periods of time, and I've actually fainted at gigs before. But I said a while ago that if The Kills ever came to my city, I would just have to go, and it's true—I can't imagine missing out on the opportunity.


I also just wanted to talk about the new album and like, the changes that are apparent to me, in their sound and their relationship.

And I also included some pictures, because I can't make a Kills post without pictures. )

Man, am I done? I think I might be. Can I now just cling to you all and panic about the gig? I mean, anyone else's thoughts on all this ridiculous analysis would be nice, but mostly I think I just want to cling and panic. I am excited! It's just a very panicky sort of excitement.
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Title: grab you by the hair
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jack White
Sounds like: A sexy, smokey blend of electronica, bluesy rock and trip-hop, tinged with frustration and lust.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

you excite me like a locked door does... )
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I knew this post would happen eventually. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about shipping Alison Mosshart/Jack White (it's like I have a love-hate relationship with it or something), but here is a post full of shippiness anyway.

Whenever I see them practically making out while sharing a mic singing Will There Be Enough Water, half of me squees, and the other half wishes Jack White didn't exist because ALISON IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT WITH JAMIE, DAMMIT.

But man, their dynamic is so intriguing. I like how it's similar to Alison/Jamie in a lot of ways, but a lot more violent and volatile. Like Alison and Jamie seem a lot more SECURE somehow, whereas with Alison and Jack it seems like anything could happen, at any time. In my mind, they totally want to fuck each other, but Jack is all married and conflicted, and Alison likes to kinda tease him and tempt him and get him all riled up. Actually, I say 'in my mind', but really, it seems pretty much canon.

LET ME SHOW YOU, THROUGH PICTURES AND VIDEOS AND QUOTES. This isn't as long as my Kills primer, I promise. (I'm not sure anything actually could be.)

I love you the most, I do, when you're so close to me I can smell the gasoline. )
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This post is partly a way of making up for not posting much fic lately.

It is also partly because it seems like I have to do that 'post snippets of every unfinished fic you have on your hard drive' meme at least once a year.

But mostly it's because I recently got a new laptop (my old one was falling apart—literally) and had to transfer all my files, and that led to me discovering a whole bunch of things I'd saved and totally forgotten about.

The ratings of these vary, but go up pretty high. And some of the ideas are kinda fucked up but you can figure that out from the pairing and avoid as you see fit—no other warnings necessary, I don't think!

The Kills/The Dead Weather/Kate Moss/what even is this fandom. )

Narnia RPF. )

Skins, including RPF. (And, um, Skins RPF/Narnia RPF?) )

Kings of Leon (and Jared Followill/Demi Lovato) )

Woah, check out this mass of tags. Crazy business.


Jul. 4th, 2010 03:47 pm
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In the middle of a song, halfway through The Dead Weather's Glastonbury set, this happened (gif nicked from Tumblr):

Alison rushed offstage to kiss Jamie, who was watching from the side. ♥_♥ THEY ARE THE CUTEST.
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I...this post is kind of ridiculous, just a warning.

The other day, I decided to give Alison Mosshart's first band, Discount, a proper listen. I'd tried a couple of songs before and sort of went "well, this is noisy with more yelling than singing", and gave up. I'm not the biggest fan of punk music, clearly. But Discount's kind of growing on me. The music doesn't really give Alison a chance to show off her gorgeous voice, though, so I find that kind of sad. It's such a good thing she met Jamie, haha.

Anyway, I always thought she basically left Discount after meeting him, but it turns out their last album was released in January 2000, and their last gig was in August 2000. And Alison met Jamie in about 1998, and moved to London at the end of 1999, so...that's interesting. It means that it's quite likely she was still writing songs for Discount after she'd met him.

Once I realised that and started paying attention to some lyrics, it was all downhill from there. It wasn't helped when I discovered Jamie had also been recording during that period of time. This is like when [livejournal.com profile] littledivinity and I managed to make the entirety of Kings of Leon's 'Only By The Night' about Caleb's crazy incestuous love for Nathan. I LIKE ANALYSING LYRICS AND CREATING BACKSTORY, WHAT CAN I SAY.

But I will cut it for the sake of my flist. )

Oh! I also wanted to analyse some of the lyrics from the songs on The Kills' Black Rooster EP, but...I'll save that for another time, this is long enough already.
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More Kills spam. I feel like I have so many things I want to post now, it's hard to split them up, haha. I want to post some Kills videos and some stuff to do with Jack White...particularly Jack/Alison which I've started to ship despite not wanting to. And Jack/Meg, because apparently whenever someone asks me on Formspring if I ship something, I start to. *sigh*

Several pictures, and an interview quote (w/ download link). )
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This...is a picspam that should basically just have the title 'Alison Mosshart is really hot.' Because that's the theme of all of these pictures.

If you like women in a ~sexual way, click. Hell, even if you don't like women in a sexual way, click. I'm pretty sure Alison has the power to convert you. ;)

baby you'd better not touch...no matter how bad. )
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Mosshart tells a story about when she first moved to London: "It was two in the morning and I was walking over to Jamie's house on my own, and there was a fox in the middle of the street. I panicked because I thought it was going to maul me. I was running like 200 miles per hour to his door and banging on it to get him to let me in. Later, I found out they don't attack people. But nobody told me that!"

...Do they not have foxes in Florida? This is the most adorable thing I have read in a long time. Can I keep her? ♥_♥

Also, she's so beautiful it's kind of unreal. (Click the picture to see it bigger and have your breath taken away.) It's from an article on The Dead Weather in Dazed and Confused, which I've uploaded in its entirety here, if anyone's interested.

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Um, I'm genuinely nervous about posting this. It's been a while since I've felt like that about a fic! I think it's partly because of the subject matter and partly because wtf, I'm actually quite proud of it. The 'stop judging me' tag is totally necessary for this one.

Also, I have a new layout! For the first time in AGES. Woo.

But yeah, onto the depravity...

Title: signal when you want me (when you want me to stop)
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince
Rating: Very hard R
Warnings: Oh, man. BDSM, sexualised violence. Including breathplay, slapping, kicking, scratching and trampling....all consensual, though.
Summary: They maintain a difficult balance, taunt temptation like they're playing with fire. They let out just enough of that tension to be able to live with each other, and then they put the lid right back on it, lock it away and let it build and build until once again, they're bursting at the seams with it.
A/N: I'm...not entirely sure what it says about me that a) this is totally how I see their relationship, and b) I really enjoyed writing this story.

Jamie once said in an interview that he and Alison never impose rules on each other, that from day one they've always behaved however they like with each other. It's not quite true. )
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Title: permanent midnight
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince
Sounds like: Synth-y love songs with a dash of electropop and a hint of violence.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

There's nobody you can trust but me... )
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Time for another random Kills spam!!

I wonder if I just keep posting pictures of them, eventually more of my flist will become interested.

...Probably not. )


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