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Okay seriously who can I drag back into Narnia fandom with me? Anyone??

Title: 'imagine your polyship' ficlets
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Various combinations of Ben/Will/Anna/Skandar/Will P./Georgie
Rating: PG
Warnings: Real person fiction.
A/N: I've just been trying to write Narnia RPF again and this seemed like a fun way to ease back into it. Inspired by the Tumblr imagineyourpolyship. I didn't realise 'til after I'd written these, but for the most part they could easily be seen as platonic!

Four silly little ficlets behind the cut. )


Jul. 22nd, 2012 08:59 pm
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I'm not even really sure what this post is for, I just sort of feel like making one? It's been a while. I feel like I've been really ~absent, actually, because I went on holiday and I didn't have much time online because I was too busy being lost in the Scottish countryside and chasing rogue chickens and getting addicted to Bananagrams and playing 'Cow' (a game in which you shout "cow!" when you see a cow). Action-packed vacation, I know. Anyway ever since I've been back I've felt sort of overwhelmed by the internet? And I feel all out of practice with writing, even though it really hasn't been that long? But I'm working on a short little something at the moment and hopefully it'll be finished really soon. :)

OH AND ALSO, LJ is doing this super weird thing where it basically refuses to use the icons I want it to use? Like, I'll select one, and it'll be like NOPE and default to my Anton Yelchin one instead. IDK WHY, I think it's just a glitch, but yeah, if I respond to any of your comments with an Anton Yelchin icon even when it has no relevance whatsoever...that'll be why. I even tried deleting all my icons and re-uploading them and IT DIDN'T WORK. And also I have a suspicion that anyone who tracks my journal might have been notified about that, so uh, sincere apologies if you got a ridiculous amount of messages just because I was obsessively trying to sort this out.

Apparently I really don't have anything interesting to say here but I wanted to reassure you guys that I am still alive and like, around, if anybody wants to talk? I do get sort of scared by this fandom every now and then because of my social anxiety and it can be hard to deal with and some days I'm just like WOW I CAN'T, but for the most part things are still awesome. ♥

I'm gonna finish this off by recommending that you listen to Ed Sheeran's cover of 'Pony' by Ginuwine, and look at this picture of a guinea pig. But not at the same time. That might be a bit weird.
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Okay, so this is completely random, but hopefully amusing. I've had a Google Analytics account for a while now, and I mostly forget that it exists but occasionally check out the traffic sources and what gets the most views etc when I remember. And I recently discovered that I can see how people find my journal via search engines, like what searches have led them here. And some of them are totally baffling and hilarious.

And I feel kind of bad, because I'm absolutely certain that the majority of my Google searches are totally bizarre, and sometimes things look totally weird if you don't understand the context, but—I have to share, okay?

Under the cut. )

So, yeah. I'm glad that people are ending up here even if it's a total accident. HI, EVERYBODY!

In other news, I've become interested in Jedward again, because of Celebrity Big Brother. D: Ugh, I can't help it, okay? Like, me and twincest, it's just like a moth to a flame. The worst part is that I started watching purely for the little inappropriate moments, and now I've ended up a) completely hooked on the show in general and b) genuinely liking the twins as people. THEY'RE SO ADORABLE. I think they would drive me insane if I had to actually live with them, but as entertainment you can't really beat them. And they're just so positive about everything and so childlike in their view of the world and like, I actually kind of admire them in a weird way? I HOPE THEY WIN. WHAT EVEN.

I can now tell them apart probably 99% of the time without a problem, which worries me. And holy crap Edward is hot. And seriously, they are SO INCESTUOUS, it is fantastic. Obviously I am writing fic pretty much as we speak. You are all going to defriend me now y/n
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So this is a thing that Ben said:
Will things change between the Pevensie children and Caspian?
Ben: The Pevensies are a very tight group and that doesn't change. But now I play the role of big brother/uncle. In fact, in real life their Mums (Georgie's, Skandar's and Will P.'s) call me "Uncle Ben" because if someone wants to go to a water park or the like, it's me who has to take them. It's a good work atmosphere.
That's one of those things that SHOULD make all the Ben shipping feel incredibly creepy, but somehow it doesn't. For me, anyway. How is it that I can like his uncle role and still want to write about him having sex with them all? NARNIA CAST, YOUR INCESTUOUS FAMILY DYNAMIC IS SO CONFUSING SOMETIMES. I feel like I need a 'ben/everyone' tag, what even, how did this happen?

There isn't much new stuff around at the moment, so I think we should take a look at some old quotes from LWW and Prince Caspian times instead. Just because I found them and hadn't read some of them before, and wanted to share.

Under the cut. )

OKAY ANYWAY BACK TO WRITING FIC. Not entirely sure what the point of this post was. I leave you with a gif of Ben and Will failing at subtlety:

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*is exhausted*

OKAY. I just changed my layout, and then went through and unlocked all of my fic and all of my fandom-related entries that didn't include too much RL stuff. I left most of my much older entries locked...just because I got lazy.

I feel a lot more organised.

And now, I hate to do this, but:



Just, a lot of people have friended me since I went on lockdown so they could read my fic, and now that my fic's public again I want to give them the chance to de-friend me if they like. XD Also, if you added me a while ago and feel we've drifted apart fandom-wise, this is your chance to de-friend me without awkwardness. You don't have to say anything. I'll de-friend you too unless I really like reading your posts or something, idk.

AT THE SAME TIME, this is also a chance for any lurkers to add me. I've never really had an official sticky post about my friending policy, mainly because I don't really have a friending policy. But I've recently become aware that I do actually have lurkers. WHICH IS FINE, srsly, but if you want to friend me, do. If you just want to get my public updates on your flist that's fine, and if you want me to add you back, let me know.

Aaand I might go through my flist and delete some people I really haven't heard from in ages or whatever, but I don't know, honestly this isn't the sort of thing I make a big deal of and I've managed up until now to avoid making any kind of friends cuts at all. But if I de-friend you and it's a horrible mistake, just say! THIS WHOLE THING MAKES ME NERVOUS, I DON'T WANT TO MAKE YOU NERVOUS TOO. ♥
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Am I the only one who didn't know that Andrew Adamson is really religious?

Like, I seriously don't know if I'm really stupid and somehow managed to miss that, or if it's just never been mentioned before. From a recent Will interview:

Spielfilm.de: Narnia is based on Christian motivation and Andrew Adamson is very religious. Do you noticed that on set?

William: Yes, he took the whole thing very personal, at the first film more than on the second. I think, at the second he overdid himself a little bit. I really try to express it as nice as possible, because I think he is a genius. But I remember, how he, even at lunch, sat in front of a few notebooks to read drafts and give his blessing to it. He was always so busy, that it was hard for us to get into his world.
I really had no idea.

You can read the whole interview at wmoseley.com. I can't link directly for some reason. It's been translated from German, btw, that's why it reads the way it does, haha. It's quite interesting, though, pretty detailed. I didn't know Anna failed her driving test three times and still hasn't got her license, aww. I didn't know Will still lives with his parents, either! I love that he calls himself a 'glamorous homeless person'. XD

In other news, I have this horrible urge to write Zooey Deschanel/Katy Perry. I WISH I WAS KIDDING. Idek why. Maybe it's because they look so similar?

Which I actually find really annoying, because I adore Zooey, and, well, you know how I feel about Katy Perry. So this'd be a weird way of dealing with it. Also, I found out today that they have actually met! Which is strange. I bet Zooey was all "stop trying to be me, bitch."

Incidentally, this song I'm listening to would go pretty well with the fic, at least from the Katy Perry standpoint.

Lol @ how pointless this post is.
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ALSO, I have two unfinished Skandar/Anna/Ben fics. Two. HI, THAT IS CLEARLY INSANE. One was weird enough, and now I have two, and I can't decide which one to continue because they've both come to a sudden standstill, and is there even any point in carrying on with either, really, because once again, y'know, INSANE.

The first one I quite like the structure of and there's quite a bit of plot, and plenty of weird!Ben which makes me lol even though I wrote it. It involves voyeur!Skandar (and also drunk!Skandar, which is always fun) and there's a bit where Ben talks to hotel staff while only wearing a bedsheet. And I really like the way I've written the Ben/Anna, because it's not a ship that I like, but it's all pretty casual and Anna has him wrapped around her little finger which is how I totally see their non-existant relationship.

The second one was when I decided to ditch the plot. It's a lot more angsty and smutty and Ben and Skandar have this hot rivalry thing going on.

I'm totally stuck now though because I like what I've got of both, but I can't combine them, like...at all. And I really don't know where I'm going with either. The first one would be a LOT harder to try and finish because it is SO HARD to go from plot and humour to porn. Without making the porn funny too, and I don't really want to do that. The second one I could probably finish, actually, if I just put in a bit more effort, but idk whether anything should happen between Ben and Skandar, and I stopped writing in the middle of the smut and that's always hard to get back to.






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