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Hoooooooomg, fucking Boardwalk Empire, man. I don't even know if anyone on my flist watches it but I think I need a moment to get these feelings out.

Spoilers for 2x11: Under God's Power She Flourishes. )

In conclusion, Jimmy/Gillian should probably not be my OTP on this show, but it so is.

I'm gonna go back to working on that Remus/Sirius mix now, even though it keeps making me like, burst into tears at spontaneous moments.
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Title: you climb it up or you cut it down (this is your family tree)
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Prince William/Prince Harry
Rating: PG-13 (maybe a soft R)
Warnings: Incest. Infidelity. Real people. Royals?
Summary: "It'll be different, you know," William had said, "when I marry."
A/N: I am so predictable sometimes it's not even funny. CELEBRATING THE ROYAL WEDDING BY WRITING INCESTUOUS FANFICTION, YOU GUYS. THAT'S ME. (To be fair, that's how I celebrate an awful lot of things.) Anyway, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius, [livejournal.com profile] alexi_lupin, and [livejournal.com profile] theaxe999 for enabling/encouragement. Title from 'Sensitive Kid' by Cold War Kids.

All morning, Harry has been smiling. )
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So. This is a thing that happened. (At this rate, I should really be doing a Will/Skandar mix? I mean, what even, I've done three Narnia fanmixes in like less than a month and NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN FOR MY OTP?)

And um, just in case you're a normal person who doesn't obsessively follow Skandar and Tilda's "friendship" (idek what to call it, man), that picture on the back cover is there because that is the necklace she gave him when they finished filming LWW. She gave him a necklace. He wore it.

That's all I'm saying.

Title: tender talons
Maker: likecharity
Pairing: Skandar Keynes/Tilda Swinton
Sounds like: Anxiety, frustration, teasing, control...psychological fuckery in general. Trippy electronica and dubstep with a little bit of raw garage-y rock, and hints (okay, more than hints) of a d/s dynamic.
Includes: Individual .mp3s, .rar and .zip all on Mediafire.

don't act like you can't act. stand up like a man. )
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Um, I'm genuinely nervous about posting this. It's been a while since I've felt like that about a fic! I think it's partly because of the subject matter and partly because wtf, I'm actually quite proud of it. The 'stop judging me' tag is totally necessary for this one.

Also, I have a new layout! For the first time in AGES. Woo.

But yeah, onto the depravity...

Title: signal when you want me (when you want me to stop)
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince
Rating: Very hard R
Warnings: Oh, man. BDSM, sexualised violence. Including breathplay, slapping, kicking, scratching and trampling....all consensual, though.
Summary: They maintain a difficult balance, taunt temptation like they're playing with fire. They let out just enough of that tension to be able to live with each other, and then they put the lid right back on it, lock it away and let it build and build until once again, they're bursting at the seams with it.
A/N: I'm...not entirely sure what it says about me that a) this is totally how I see their relationship, and b) I really enjoyed writing this story.

Jamie once said in an interview that he and Alison never impose rules on each other, that from day one they've always behaved however they like with each other. It's not quite true. )
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So, I made a Nick Jonas/Caleb Followill fanvid.

Yeah, that's how I'm choosing to start this entry. DON'T EVEN ASK ME WHERE IT CAME FROM. I'm still not entirely sure. All I know is that I hardcore ship them, now? It started out all ANGST and SEX and RELIGION, and now all of a sudden [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad and I CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT NICK AND CALEB GETTING GAY MARRIED AND LIVING ON A CORN FARM IN IOWA WITH THEIR BABY CALLED COSTELLO. Using Miley as their surrogate. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU GUYS. THIS IS MY LIFE NOW. It's not helped by this terrible quality video of an interview from last year where the following is said:

Caleb: I think we're the second best-looking brother band (something I can't hear). The Jonas Brothers are dressed up pretty nice.
Matt: No they're not!
Caleb: (Something, maybe 'We're good!') Saw 'em last night in the lobby. Jesus, those little guys. I know they're probably legal to drink here, but Disney would screw 'em if they ever saw them with a beer--it'd be in every magazine.

You guys, Caleb Followill thinks the Jonas Brothers are good looking and he feels sorry for them 'cause they can't have a drink. ♥_♥

But yeah, at some point during all of this, I was watching the Lines, Vines and Trying Times photoshoot video and it reminded me really strongly of Rolling Stone's At Home With Kings of Leon video. And then my brain started meshing the two and like, it has no real story and seriously, this is only the second fanvid I have ever made, but IT HAD TO BE DONE. Feel free to ignore my insanity.

IN OTHER NEWS, I have now finished my exams until January! SO YAY. Unfortunately, I am not free just yet, as I'm going to Rhode Island and New Hampshire for like...11 days. I leave on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it and everything and it's not like this should be freaking me out as much as it is seeing as it happens EVERY YEAR, but like...it's really freaking me out. I HAVE BECOME SO DEPENDENT ON CERTAIN INTERNET FRIENDS OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF MONTHS (has it even been that long?) AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'LL DO WITHOUT LIVEJOURNAL IN GENERAL. D:

Also, I realised the other day that in the Disney fandom, I pretty much never make reaction posts? I always just end up reacting on everyone else's reaction posts and leaving it at that. I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT IS? But a whole bunch of things have happened now and I don't want to make some giant rambly post about EVERYTHING. So here's a really brief overview: TACKLEHUG! My top three favourite songs on LVATT are Much Better, World War III and Black Keys! I still cannot quite believe they're getting away with that implied 'bitch' in Poison Ivy! I'm going to see them in Manchester with [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius in November!


Also, if you have ever in your life thought, you know what I'd like to read? The bass player from Kings of Leon drunkenly hitting on Demi Lovato and then taking her to get a tattoo the next day and then fucking her in his bathroom, I can hook you up. The characterisation is weirdly perfect and they're all bickery and adorable and hot all at the same time. Knock Down The Door, NC-17. It even comes with fake gossip site articles and texts and Twitter updates which all sound SO LEGIT IT'S SCARY. I fucking love [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad, you guys. (Also, it is INGRAINED IN MY BRAIN that Demi is a lesbian, but I totally bought this pairing, so this fic must have magical powers. Just sayin'.)



May. 8th, 2009 12:45 pm
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Okay, so the chat last night was the first Jonas Brothers live chat I've ever actually watched LIVE, and...man that was entertaining.

I checked the time differences and everything first and I was like "1am to 2am? I can totally do that." And of course it would be like 45 minutes late. Whatever, it was worth it though, I laughed so much. Even before the chat had started. I think it was just all the chaos.

And then of course when they DID come on, I'd minimised the window, and they were playing 'Paranoid' just after I'd stopped listening to it, so I was like ?!?! until I realised where the noise was coming from. And then they were just sitting there grooving to their own song and the image kept cutting in and out and for some reason the whole thing was just really cracking me up.

And God, I love how sarcastic and dry they are, especially Nick, hahaha. Like when some girl said she was shaking, and one of them (was it Nick?) was like "So are we." ROFL. And when that girl asked if they remembered her friend, and it was like *GIANT PAUSE* ".....yes." Amazing. And everything Nick said about Joe's ~weddings, like the girl asking what Joe's favourite colour was (seriously? You get a chance to ask the Jonas Brothers anything and you ask that?) and Nick being like "Good question. We need to know this for the invitations."

Those SayNow calls were SO AWKWARD though. Arrrghh so much secondhand embarrassment. Some of it I could laugh at, but so much of it was like, PAINFUL. I loved how every time the woman's voice went "You have a call from one of your fans!" they were all like "Oh wow, awesome!" like they were surprised, haha. And Joe called her Jen! :D I loved how towards the last calls they just COULD NOT be bothered anymore. When they started claiming to be Pizza Hut, and Nick "accidentally" hung up on that one girl. And how quick they were to say goodbye when that girl said they were all looking really hot. Oh man. I love them.


- Joe saying he liked Nick's muscles. YES, THAT'S TOTALLY APPROPRIATE.

- Joe whispering Spanish in Nick's ear, and Nick not repeating whatever the last thing was because he didn't know what it meant, hahaha.

- Walmart. Facebook.

- Joe talking about refrigerating cows, WHAT. And yelling everything that was written in caps.

I CAN'T REMEMBER MORE, I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN. Also did anyone notice the extra line in 'Paranoid' when they played it? I'm taking all the doctor's meds? I thought I'd just not noticed it before but it's not actually IN the radio version, it's edited. Which is just. What. Really, Disney, really? That's almost as ridiculous as hold me like you mean it.

Okay, I reeeeally have to get on with some revision now but I'll be back later to catch up on my flist/comments (I haven't read anything about the chat since the epic [livejournal.com profile] callusfreaks post last night).
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I always thought it was "next time I see you, I'm givin' you a high five, cause I'm too over-rated, just FYI" and I JUST FOUND OUT THAT INSTEAD, IT IS THE RIDICULOUSLY LAME "cause hugs are over-rated just FYI". AND IT'S A MILEY REFERENCE? GAH.

Looool this really shouldn't bother me but IDK, I always thought that "I'm too over-rated" was kind of a cool thing for them to sing, and...the fact that it's HUGS is just kind of stupid.

ALSO I remember hearing a version once where it totally sounds like Nick sings "cause sex is over-rated" BUT AM I MAKING THAT UP? IF NOT, SOMEBODY MUST KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Eh, the lyrics of that song always kind of bugged me anyway because in the chorus it's "I gave my all for you" and it sounds awkward being 'for' instead of 'to'.

And just to reiterate how uncool I am, I totally bought Camp Rock chocolates today.

They even come with a keyring. I can't decide whether I'm uncool enough to actually put that on my keys, though.

Oh! AND. You should read this amazingly amazing Kings of Leon fic by [livejournal.com profile] jrocksee. It's called And Your Soul Smells Of Sulphur and it's Jared/Matthew and sort of UST Caleb/Nathan, rated R. It ties in with the Sex on Fire video in this really incredibly, clever, creepy way, and there's possession and biblical references and awesome imagery and just, nngh, read it. And then watch the Sex on Fire video. And then read it again. That may or may not be what I did.
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HI. FIRST OF ALL, I wrote that fic last night, right, posted it at 3am and then went straight to sleep. And I woke up this morning to over twenty incredible comments and I basically haven't stopped smiling all day. You are all so wonderful, thank you. ♥ I can't even SAY how happy I am about the fact that everyone just seemed to GET everything I was trying to say.

And right...this is probably going to be a bit of a weird post? Basically I have all these songs that keep making me think of the Jonas Brothers (Joe and Nick specifically WHAT A SURPRISE) and like...I feel like my thoughts aren't organised enough about them to make a fanmix, but I still want to share them. And talk about them. I DON'T KNOW WHY, STOP JUDGING ME.

Obviously if we ignore the whole Kings of Leon thing 'cause that's probably pretty much covered by now, it all started with [livejournal.com profile] expastic mentioning 'Hair Down' by the Cold War Kids, which has this one bit which ALWAYS makes me think of Joe:

now our pockets are shallow
our quart running low
i saw they're empty but i'm just a fool
a woman in the kitchen told me
that true love it waits
but of all the rules he lives by
that's the one that he hates

It might actually be 'Roman' not 'woman', idk. But yes! Basically self-explanatory. And like...as much as I like to believe the Jonas Brothers are virgins and are happy with that...it just, must be difficult. And somehow I think Joe must find it the hardest.

Moar. )
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I stared at a certain area of this picture for an embarrassingly long time. )

Now, can everyone just tell me to get over myself and write some Joe/Nick, please? I don't even know WHAT my problem is, but there IS one, in that I freeze up whenever I try to write it and it's STARTING TO REALLY BUG ME.
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I was just explaining what I did with my tags anyway, and thanking you all for your thoughts. I ended up getting rid of the fic tags, but tagging the pairings I write most often. So like, where before there was a 'narnia fic: will/skandar' tag, there is now just a 'will/skandar' tag that includes general squeeing over the pairing as well as the fic. But like...there isn't a 'noel fielding/simon amstell' tag because I only wrote that the one time.

I like it this way so far but I don't know. I might end up feeling lost without the extra bit of organisation, and adding them back. WE SHALL SEE. In the meantime, use my masterlist for fic-finding!

RIGHT. I'm so exhausted after that. I might go read some Joe/Nick, or watch Wizards of Waverly Place, because [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad is awesome and she rec'd me the most incestuous episodes. :D

That reminds me, I've reached a new low in my Disney-kids obsession. I HAVE STARTED BUYING TEENIE MAGAZINES. LIKE BLISS AND MIZZ AND WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY'RE ALL CALLED. Please tell me some of you do that too? I don't know, Selena was on the cover and I couldn't fight the temptation. They're hilarious and I get pretty pictures. They do make me feel really old, though, which is silly.

One last thing, I bought the book Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Have any of you read it? I thought it sounded really cool and interesting, but all the review things on the cover are like, GORE-SPLATTERED MAYHEM! SO DISTURBING! DON'T READ THIS AT NIGHT! IT WILL HAUNT YOUR FUCKING DREAMS, GODDAMN! and so, you know, now I'm a bit scared. I'm a delicate flower, okay?
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Why? No reason.


Throwing punchlines, no one wins... )

The other day I was in town with my best friend and she said "You know what I watched the other day? The last half of High School Musical 2." I laughed at her and I was like "What? Oh dear!" and she immediately shot back "You can't talk, you fancy at least one Jonas brother." And that was the end of that.

Anyway, I am writing, kind of, but I'm not doing too well. I've got a few things that I'm steadily working away on and I'll try get SOMETHING posted as soon as possible but I'm struggling for some reason. :(
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Hahahaha. Oh man, I love them.

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Title: retail therapy
Author: likecharity
Pairing: William Moseley/Joe Jonas
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Um, total crack!pairing.
Summary: Will needs an outfit for the Paris premiere of Prince Caspian. Perhaps Joe Jonas can help.
A/N: For [livejournal.com profile] sundappled, who requested it, and also for all my Narnia fandom friends who are putting up with my current Jonas Brothers obsession. XD

Anna Popplewell and Georgie Henley are doing some leisurely shopping together in Camden when suddenly Georgie grabs Anna's arm and points wildly into the distance. 'Hey, is that Will? Who's he with?' )
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Yeah, so...I'm still ashamed and everything, but I'm starting to get USED to liking these guys. So, to try and make myself feel less ~alone~ in my growing obsession, this is my attempt to turn more of my flist into fans of the Jonas Brothers:


...Did it work?


*sigh* Fine, have a picspam. )

I see that you're not quite convinced yet.

How about some gifs and videos, too? )

OKAY I AM DONE. THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO OFFER AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. If you've managed to resist, you are very strong and...I'm really jealous. D:


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