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Title: the night starts here (8a/?)
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Will/Skandar/Anna
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person slash and het
Summary: They've been apart for much longer than this before, but not since they started sleeping together, and even though Will's still not sure how to define what they are to each other now, it's clearly added some further intimacy to their relationship that has made it a much bigger deal to be separated. And—judging by the way Will's heart is currently hammering away in his chest as though it's trying to break right out—it's made it a much bigger deal to be reunited, as well.
A/N: It has literally been four years since I updated this story. I am so so sorry. If you are still interested then I actually love you. I do. I especially love [livejournal.com profile] prunesquallormd for taking the time to beta this for me, thank you so much!! You can also read this here on AO3.
[Part 1. ¦ Part 2. ¦ Part 3. ¦ Part 4. ¦ Part 5. ¦ Part 6. ¦ Part 7a & Part 7b. ¦ Part 8a & Part 8b. ¦ TBC]

(Additional note: In this 'verse, the filming of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader takes place about a year earlier than it did in real life. This is because I wrote a lot of this before certain things had actually happened and am now constricted by a pre-existing timeline. The events of the story so far have taken part during summer 2008, and Dawn Treader begins filming only a few months after the premiere of Prince Caspian. Let's just say that everyone was SUPER ORGANISED in this 'verse and therefore filming didn't keep getting delayed?)

'I miss Skandar,' says Anna in a pathetic voice, pouting as she snuggles up closer to Will on the sofa. )
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So I'm still having a lot of Narnia cast feelings. I'm not entirely sure where this came from. I have this theory that because there were about three years between each movie, it's a sort of biological clock thing? Like some part of me recognises that three years have passed and there has not been a Narnia fandom resurgence and so it's like. Psst. Hey. HEY. IT'S NARNIA FANDOM TIME.

Or something. Alternatively, as [livejournal.com profile] starsimpulse put it, "Narnia is like this old flame that you keep going back to for comfort and embarrassing sex."

Anyway I've been getting super nostalgic and missing the days of talking about the Narnia cast on LJ and then I kind of realised that I can still do that?? So this is going to be kind of an update post where I talk about what everybody is up to these days. Maybe? Let's see.

News about Anna, Georgie, Skandar, Will, Ben, and Will P. under the cut. Also pictures and screencaps and stuff. )

Okay I think that's everything? I mean it's probably not everything, but it seems like a reasonable summary.

Somehow I've ended up making gifs of the Prince Caspian DVD commentary on Tumblr, and in order to do that, I basically transcribed all the cute/funny/interesting parts of the commentary. I feel like since I went to the effort I should probably post all of that here, like I did for the LWW one a few years back! I always meant to do it because the only other post I'd made on the PC commentary was when I first listened to it and I don't think I went into much detail. And I'm really determined to try and drag as many people as I can back into this fandom with me.

Oh oh, also! The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] prunesquallormd finally finished his epic Lucy/Susan fic, With A Clouded View, and you should all go read it right away if you're interested in that kind of thing, because it's utterly lovely and he worked really hard on it for a really long time. ♥ Edit: I forgot to mention it's also on AO3, here!
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Okay seriously who can I drag back into Narnia fandom with me? Anyone??

Title: 'imagine your polyship' ficlets
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Various combinations of Ben/Will/Anna/Skandar/Will P./Georgie
Rating: PG
Warnings: Real person fiction.
A/N: I've just been trying to write Narnia RPF again and this seemed like a fun way to ease back into it. Inspired by the Tumblr imagineyourpolyship. I didn't realise 'til after I'd written these, but for the most part they could easily be seen as platonic!

Four silly little ficlets behind the cut. )
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Title: this sentiment carries no weight
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Hannibal/Will (Hannibal)
Includes: 12 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Uploaded.

your alarm bells, they should be ringing. )
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Title: read the fine print later
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Claudia/H.G. (Warehouse 13)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Age difference, use of sex toys. General silliness.
Summary: "I'm just saying, if I die from letting H.G. Wells use her experimental sex inventions on me that's gonna be super embarrassing." (~6,000 words.)
A/N: For Femslash February! Set sometime between 2x10 and 2x11 (I figure H.G. could make time for some sex in amongst all the secret plotting, right?). Title from 'Book of the Month' by Lovage.

Claudia is not at all sure how she ended up in this situation. )
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End-of-year fic meme. )
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I wrote tattoo fic and it doesn't involve a single member of One Direction. I'm just as confused as you are.

Title: just enough to ease the bite
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Deb/Michael Angelo (the tattoo artist from 5x05 'First Blood')
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Sex in a tattoo studio, shortly after tattooing has taken place??
Summary: Basically, it's like this: considering how many times she's had to give herself little pep talks about how fucking epically strong she is, it just makes sense at this point to get a permanent reminder etched into her skin instead. Saves some effort. (~5,000 words)
A/N: For Jaime. :) Title from 'Just A Little Bit' by Kids of 88. Spoilers for season 7!

When she realizes she's in love with her brother, that's when she starts considering it. )


Jul. 22nd, 2012 08:59 pm
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I'm not even really sure what this post is for, I just sort of feel like making one? It's been a while. I feel like I've been really ~absent, actually, because I went on holiday and I didn't have much time online because I was too busy being lost in the Scottish countryside and chasing rogue chickens and getting addicted to Bananagrams and playing 'Cow' (a game in which you shout "cow!" when you see a cow). Action-packed vacation, I know. Anyway ever since I've been back I've felt sort of overwhelmed by the internet? And I feel all out of practice with writing, even though it really hasn't been that long? But I'm working on a short little something at the moment and hopefully it'll be finished really soon. :)

OH AND ALSO, LJ is doing this super weird thing where it basically refuses to use the icons I want it to use? Like, I'll select one, and it'll be like NOPE and default to my Anton Yelchin one instead. IDK WHY, I think it's just a glitch, but yeah, if I respond to any of your comments with an Anton Yelchin icon even when it has no relevance whatsoever...that'll be why. I even tried deleting all my icons and re-uploading them and IT DIDN'T WORK. And also I have a suspicion that anyone who tracks my journal might have been notified about that, so uh, sincere apologies if you got a ridiculous amount of messages just because I was obsessively trying to sort this out.

Apparently I really don't have anything interesting to say here but I wanted to reassure you guys that I am still alive and like, around, if anybody wants to talk? I do get sort of scared by this fandom every now and then because of my social anxiety and it can be hard to deal with and some days I'm just like WOW I CAN'T, but for the most part things are still awesome. ♥

I'm gonna finish this off by recommending that you listen to Ed Sheeran's cover of 'Pony' by Ginuwine, and look at this picture of a guinea pig. But not at the same time. That might be a bit weird.
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I think it's high time for a Random Text Generator post! It's been AGES. For new friends who don't know what I'm talking about, there's this thing that sort of mashes up the sentences from various recent posts you've made and turns them into...well, gibberish, for the most part, but also HILARITY. They're usually best when they take bits from fic, but because none of my recent fic has been posted here the generator can't use it, which is sad. Still, these are pretty entertaining.

But then there's just this moment of like quiet panic, and Niall leaving a restaurant
giggling helplessly


People are beginning to doze off on his knees backstage.

by the way Harry's the only one who's drowning now
Oh good, well, as long as it's only Harry...

at the neckline of Louis's arse in his knees

i still think we might wake up the remote.


GOOD TIMES. Favourites, anyone? Crackfic ideas? I love this so much, I should do it more often. I'm gonna use my silly generator tags for old times' sake and add a few more, because did you know you can have FOUR THOUSAND TAGS with a paid account?? I do not use this feature enough at all.
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Also does anyone know if there's anywhere I could crosspost this? IS THIS EVEN A FANDOM YET? It should be, have you seen how gay these two are?

Title: got my body on red alert
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Kristen Stewart/Charlize Theron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person femslash, slight D/s dynamic
Summary: When the cameras are off, it's a different story. Kristen will still blush and twitch and avert her eyes, but Charlize finds that very unhelpful because it's Kristen's typical reaction to a lot of things, and if she only flirts back when they're being filmed, she can't exactly be serious, right? (~4,000 words)
A/N: This is for [livejournal.com profile] hellissohotrn because it is HER FAULT. Though it was also inspired by the fact that Kristen has said that she wants to impress Charlize, and that she finds her hot when she's angry. OKAY KRISTEN. Title from 'Red Alert' by CSS.

Kristen first realizes that the Charlize thing has officially become a Problem when she finds herself actually psyching herself up for an interview with her. )
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So I have a Google Analytics account, and I stopped checking it about a month ago because the stats now are actually TERRIFYING, but yesterday I was a little tipsy and curious and decided to look at it again. And first of all:


But also, I remembered that a while ago I made a post of all the most amusing Google searches that led people to my journal, and so I decided to do another one of those just for the lulz. We need them after that Mojo interview. (Which is here if you haven't seen it but man, it is TORTURE and you're probably best steering clear, trust me.) Anyway, I feel a bit mean about this because I'm sure my own Google searches are super weird but some of these are just so bizarre and hilarious that I have to share them.

louis liam interview penis - hahaha.

best latex shiner – I like this one.

boobs - I mean, lol, but also how many pages of results did this person have to go through??

i am living underwater - ......

larry stylinson what does this mean )

Good times. In other news, does anyone know of a free image hosting site that a) allows bulk uploading, b) lets you keep the original filenames, and c) doesn't freak out over bandwidth? Because it seems I basically can't have a moodtheme anymore these days, you guys keep exceeding my Photobucket bandwidth. Which is pretty AMAZING tbh because I've never had that happen before, but also filenames are kind of necessary for moodthemes and it seems like all the other image hosts just rename them to random numbers/letters. :( NEVER MIND I THINK I FIXED IT


May. 30th, 2012 10:58 pm
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spoiler warning for 'Numb' if you're planning to see it and don't want to know what he talks about )

I just looked at my Simon Amstell tag and it turns out I titled my entry about 'Do Nothing' with hearteyes as well. FIGURES.

(More One Direction posts to come in the next few days, don't worry. XD)
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I don't know how this got so long, but I do know that if Alex or Charlie ever comes across it, I will probably cry. HERE WE GO.

Title: if you love it, i can do it again
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person slash. And excessive blushing.
Summary: Wherein Alex is experienced, and Charlie is not. Alex helps Charlie overcome his awkwardness about sex.
A/N: Technically, this is almost entirely porn, because there needs to be more porn for this pairing. (Though possibly not quite this much?) Set sometime when they had the flat and Charlie's hair was red. Title from 'What You Like' by Darren Hayes. And if you prefer your fic on the shorter side, then this probably isn't for you. I really don't know how I manage to write such absurdly long fic when it's just sex, but let's go with it.

The first time Alex kisses Charlie, Charlie freezes up completely. )
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Obligatory end-of-year meme time!

My year in fanfiction. )
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Title: sparks & shining dragons
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell
Includes: 12 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Megaupload.
Notes: Some of the songs are like the early days of their friendship, pre-living together, and it's not entirely chronological, but it should make some sort of sense. Also, there is so much fluff here. SO MUCH.

we've got that fast action edit )
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Sex and sexy things picspam, part five. You can see the previous posts by clicking here.

Click-through credit where available - many of the sites linked to are NSFW, obviously. And as usual, if you recognise anything that isn't credited, let me know where it's from.

If you enjoy this and are not already on my porn filter, under which I post links to download porn in video format, let me know and I'll add you to it! :)

dailymurf and inherhipstheresrevolutions

a little dirty never hurt anyone. NSFW. )
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Oh my god, how great is it when a fic idea just comes to you out of nowhere and then you spend the whole day writing? I mean, ignoring the whole bunch of other ideas that I've been thinking about for ages and can't seem to write a single word of, and also the fact that this idea kept me up most of last night and I am now exhausted. My brain was just happily plotting away all on its own, and every now and then I had to get up and scribble in a notebook so I wouldn't forget things. But a part of me really loves it when that happens—I kinda like being caught off-guard with inspiration.

Plus, I've wanted to write Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell (or nerimon/charlieissocoollike) for AGES now, even before Youtube slash was an actual thing. It's always been complicated because a) I always thought I wouldn't be able to do it justice, and b) they feel much more like real people to me than the celebrities I write about, plus they are actually aware of the fanfiction and have been vocal about it, so that makes me feel skeevy. Buuut. They are massively adorable and their bromance is the loveliest thing in the world, and I really cannot ignore an idea when it comes to me the way this one did.

So here we go.

Title: contact high (or, five times alex and charlie shared a bed)
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell, hints of Alex Day/Tom Milsom
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Real person slash, and...I think that's it. That's amazing, I usually have like eight warnings to list.
Summary: Alex likes to keep a mental list of Things That Make Charlie Uncomfortable, just for reference.
A/N: Various bits of this, like the lampshade hats and the Amsterdam trip, are taken from the guys' videos. (How great is it that the 'forced to share hotel bed' trope actually happened to Alex and Charlie in real life?) Also, the 20 Questions game mentioned is something like this for those who have no clue what I'm talking about. Everything else is utterly made-up though, of course.

The first time they share a bed is the first time Alex visits Charlie in Bath. )
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Ooooh, it's been such a long time since I've used my Harry Potter tag. It feels weird, but good. I really do wish I'd made the decision to start rereading the books sooner, you know - in my mind it always seemed like it would be this huge time-consuming task, but I'm already on Order of the Phoenix and it's been like...not long at all. And of course I'm enjoying it immensely and getting overly emotional because I know what's coming, and being reminded of everything I used to ship, and trying to find all the old fic I remember. It's all just so lovely and nostalgic. ♥

To celebrate that, a mix for my OTP -

Title: nothing like you & i
Maker: likecharity
Subject: Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter)
Includes: 11 individual .mp3s uploaded on Mediafire, plus .rar and .zip to download from either Mediafire or Megaupload.
Notes: I wrote slightly excessive ones, so they are under the cut.

i believe in anything that brings you back home to me )


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