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about me & friending policy.

hi! i'm jenny, and i write fanfiction, which is mainly what this journal is for. most of the pairings i ship are incestuous, i write a lot of threesomes, and i like real person fiction as well - if any of those things squick you, my journal's probably not the best place for you.

all of my fic is public, and my fandom-ramblings are generally public too - i usually just keep the real life stuff friends only. feel free to add me! i don't often add back these days unless we've been chatting a bit already, but if you want to get my updates on your flist that's totally fine. :)

i'm not currently taking requests.

fandoms & ships.

narnia: peter/edmund. rpf: will/skandar, will/skandar/anna, skandar/anna, anna/georgie, ben/skandar, ben/georgie, georgie/will p, tilda/anyone.

skins:gen1: tony/effy, tony/sid, michelle/effy, cassie/michelle, sid/cassie. gen2: cook/freddie, cook/freddie/effy, effy/emily, emily/katie, effy/pandora.

weeds: silas/shane, shane/nancy, silas/nancy, shane/andy, andy/nancy.

criminal minds: reid/nathan, reid/hotch, reid/morgan, reid/adam(/amanda).

disney rpf: joe/nick, demi/selena.

harry potter: pretty much all weasleycest (but mainly fred/george and bill/charlie), remus/sirius, ginny/luna, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, percy/oliver.

random rpf: nathan followill/caleb followill. alison mosshart/jamie hince. alison mosshart/jack white. alex day/charlie mcdonnell. alex day/tom milsom. zooey deschanel/joseph gordon-levitt. stephen fry/alan davies. noel fielding/simon amstell. noel fielding/russell brand. jedward. prince william/prince harry. james mcavoy/keira knightley.

random other: charles/camilla, francis/richard, francis/charles (the secret history). shane/jenny (the l word). justin/alex (wizards of waverly place). house/wilson, house/thirteen (house). dexter/debra (dexter). claudia/h.g., myka/h.g. (warehouse 13). bo/lauren, bo/tamsin (lost girl). ragnar/athelstan/lagertha (vikings).


all the fanfiction in this journal is just that - fiction. i do not own any of the books, films, or tv shows that i write about. any real person fiction is completely and utterly made up and is not intended to offend the people involved.

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alison mosshart, androgyny, anna popplewell, anton yelchin, architecture in helsinki, bdsm, ben barnes, black books, brian cox, broken social scene, brothers of the head, capslocking, cassie ainsworth, charlieissocoollike, clothes-sharing, cold war kids, comfort, cooking, criminal minds, crossdressing, deer, dexter, dollhouse, dominant women, douglas adams, drake & josh, dwayne hoover, effy stonem, eva green, fairytales, fanfiction, fangirling, femdom, feminism, fever ray, foreign films, francis abernathy, freckles, fringe, fucked-up domesticity, georgie henley, glasses, group sex, hands, harry potter, harry treadaway, haruki murakami, house, incest, jack white, jamie hince, jesse eisenberg, joseph gordon-levitt, kate moennig, kate moss, keira knightley, kings of leon, kristen stewart, let-the-right-one-in, linus van pelt, little miss sunshine, louis garrel, love triangles, luke treadaway, matthew gray gubler, mean girls, michael pitt, mythology, narnia, nerimon, never mind the buzzcocks, noel fielding, noel fielding/everyone, old-fashioned things, over-analyzing, pansexuality, parks and recreation, paul dano, polyamory, prince harry, qi, rain, rambling, random threesomes, remy hadley, ridiculous nicknames, sarcasm, scandinavia, scottish accents, shane botwin, shane mccutcheon, simon amstell, skandar keynes, skins, sleeping, social ineptitude, son of rambow, spanking, spencer reid, stars, steven hyde, submissive men, subtext, tacklehugs, that '70s show, the beatles, the borgias, the colour green, the dandy warhols, the dead weather, the dreamers, the kills, the knife, the l word, the mighty boosh, the new pornographers, the secret history, threesomes, tilda swinton, tilda swinton/anyone, true blood, twins, vintage porn, weeds, weird crossovers, will poulter, william moseley, wine, winter, zooey deschanel
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