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Obligatory end-of-year meme time!

01 do it like a brother (do it like a dude). Anna Popplewell/Georgie Henley, NC-17.
02 pull it tight, see the light. Ben Barnes/Georgie Henley, NC-17.
03 like vast cracked ice. Reid/Nathan (Criminal Minds), NC-17.
04 dark red bloodstreams. Reid/Nathan (Criminal Minds), R.
05 five rules for impromptu threesomes. Ben Barnes/James McAvoy/Keira Knightley, NC-17.
06 you climb it up or you cut it down (this is your family tree). Prince William/Prince Harry, PG-13.
07 one of us. Skandar Keynes/Georgie Henley/Will Poulter, hard R.
08 evil has never loved you as i do. Reid/Nathan and Hotch/Reid (Criminal Minds), PG-13.
09 hypothetically, i guess. Matthew Gray Gubler/Kat Dennings/Anton Yelchin, NC-17.
10 fighting fire with firewood. Silas/Nancy (Weeds), hard R.
11 five times john and edward nearly got off together in the big brother house. John Grimes/Edward Grimes, NC-17.
12 big boy rides and big boy ice. John Grimes/Edward Grimes/Noel Fielding, NC-17.
13 you can have whatever you like. John Grimes/Edward Grimes/Noel Fielding, NC-17.
14 take your coat off and make a mess of me. Alison Mosshart/Jack White, NC-17.
15 just grew there wild. Alison Mosshart/Jack White (and others), hard R.
16 not falling together. Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince (and others), hard R.
17 drabble meme #3. Various pairings and ratings.
18 contact high (or, five times alex and charlie shared a bed). Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell, NC-17.

Overall thoughts.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
More, and I'm super proud of it. :)

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
Omg, so many. Criminal Minds because I hadn't started watching it yet, but even if I had I don't think I would've expected to end up writing the psychological fuckery that is Reid/Nathan. Also mother/son incest would not have crossed my mind. I'd like to say I didn't expect to write Jedward, but I planned to ever since X Factor, so...

What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
do it like a brother (do it like a dude) or five rules for impromptu threesomes. Those are the ones that make me happiest, I think, but my more fucked-up favourites are fighting fire with firewood and dark red bloodstreams.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
I guess maybe just grew there wild, simply because I don't write AUs. I still feel like there was so much potential that I just couldn't tap into, but it got a really nice response so I won't beat myself up about it. XD

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
I'd really like to finish some of the things I've been working on this year. I want to write more Kills stuff, and Weeds stuff. And writing Alex/Charlie was so much fun, I'd like to write them again, or maybe some Alex/Tom.

From my past year of writing, what was...

My best story of this year:
dark red bloodstreams or fighting fire with firewood, I think, but I'm not sure why.

My most popular story of this year.
Probably do it like a brother, but my Reid/Nathan ones got quite a lot of attention too, which surprised me.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion.
Either hypothetically, i guess or five rules for impromptu threesomes. But I mean, they're both totally random so I'm not that surprised. XD I kind of wish I'd got more feedback on one of us, too, just because it took a lot of time and effort.

Most fun story to write:
do it like a brother, hands down. But again, five rules for impromptu threesomes was a lot of fun to write, as was contact high (five times alex and charlie shared a bed). The Jedward/Noel Fielding ones were pretty fun, too. All of these except the first one were written in one day, if I remember correctly, so that's kind of interesting...

Story with the single sexiest moment:
Ughh this question is always impossible because I write so much porn. HERE, HAVE A LIST: I'm fond of Georgie holding onto Ben's tie in pull it tight, Nathan kissing Reid mid-sentence in like vast cracked ice, Ben going down on James in five rules, the Alison/Jamie/Jack part of the drabble meme, aaand the Alison/Jamie fight scene in not falling together (including the bit with Noel afterwards). I'm curious about what other people think though.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
fighting fire with firewood because hello, mother/son incest. Or you can have whatever you like because of the Noel/Jedward double penetration. *hides face*

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
one of us, I think just because it was so LONG and I stayed in Will P.'s POV for almost all of it, shifted my perception of him. Or, at least, it gave me a firmer idea of how I see him as a character. And of course not falling together took me on a rollercoaster of Alison/Jamie thoughts, and I finally became able to imagine them having sex. That's the biggest shift of perception my fic has ever brought about for me, probably.

Hardest story to write:
Oh god. one of us took an age and was a real struggle at times. evil has never loved you as i do was a pain in the arse. hypothetically, i guess got stalled several times. And again, not falling together was a real challenge just because it was so in depth and I was exploring an idea I was initially very resistant to.

Biggest Disappointment:
Probably just grew there wild, but I think that's just my own issue and my lack of confidence in writing AUs. And actually it's really hard to pick a disappointment from this year, I like all of them in their own ways.

Biggest Surprise:
Possibly writing Prince William/Prince Harry again. Also the Noel/Jedward stuff that came out of nowhere. And, in that vein, contact high. Also just how LONG my fic was this year—I wrote two two-part stories and one four-part one. I've never been particularly good at short fic, but that was crazy business!

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:
Oh god. All the Reid/Nathan stuff is telling in some disturbing way, but I'm not sure what. My group sex obsession continued to be evident, but I wasn't exactly trying to hide that. XD

A story I want remembered:
As usual, any of them would be nice. :)

In conclusion.
I think I did pretty well this year, better than in recent years anyway! I've actually started keeping track of my writing—this year I made a note of each fic once I'd finished it, keeping this meme in mind, and I think that really spurred me on to write more. I also made SIX fanmixes this year which seems like quite a lot. I tend to make fanmixes when I'm stuck in the middle of writing but I still want to create something, and I've learnt that it can help to inspire me too.
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