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So I have a Google Analytics account, and I stopped checking it about a month ago because the stats now are actually TERRIFYING, but yesterday I was a little tipsy and curious and decided to look at it again. And first of all:


But also, I remembered that a while ago I made a post of all the most amusing Google searches that led people to my journal, and so I decided to do another one of those just for the lulz. We need them after that Mojo interview. (Which is here if you haven't seen it but man, it is TORTURE and you're probably best steering clear, trust me.) Anyway, I feel a bit mean about this because I'm sure my own Google searches are super weird but some of these are just so bizarre and hilarious that I have to share them.

louis liam interview penis - hahaha.

best latex shiner – I like this one.

boobs - I mean, lol, but also how many pages of results did this person have to go through??

i am living underwater - ......

carey mulligan serial killer – what.

aaron johnson crying - I approve of your life choices.

betty ann followill – ...I just really hope this wasn't the Followills' mother googling herself.

kiss fanfic georgie skandar – awww.

cupcake goth – what.

louis tomlinson sassy / louis tomlinson bitchface / louis tomlinson embarrassing - ahahaha.

kelso eric "penis" – lololol.

mark salling nipple ring – ?!

james and oliver rps – Phelps? I've not written it, but I can't say I'm surprised I showed up.

brothers of the head fanfiction – again, no, but you're on the right track!

harry styles has no hips - hahaha.

shane x silas gay stories – the way this is phrased is kind of cute.

simon amstell fluff – awww. I bet this person had just seen his stand-up and was in desperate need of some stories about him being happy.

toby regbo height – random.

sienna miller arguing – what?!

william moseley kissing georgies head – awww.

i really think dee was my soulmate. noel fielding – I don't even know if this is a real quote but awwww. :(

james mcavoy, the real man – ...

very kinky shit supernatural - you might need to be more specific. Not that I can help either way.

in live journal how do you join a community / lj acces denied how do i get permission - I'm just glad that at least SOME people are googling this instead of asking me, tbh.

mother son sex in weeds – well, it didn't actually HAPPEN.

nick jonas caleb followill – *fistpump*

peter pevensie "his cum" – hahahaha.

permanently delete livejournal immediately – oh dear.

cheap vegan meals – seriously though some of these are just baffling. HOW DID THIS LEAD TO ME?

ice dancing incest – what.

will p/georgie - yay!

in the middle of a room screaming - this might be my favourite.

period blood on shorts - that sucks. NOT SURE IF MY FIC HELPED ANY.

andrew wouldn't spend every minute with me - is this a quote from Jesse Eisenberg? I feel like this is probably a quote from Jesse Eisenberg.

gangbang jenny - meh!!!

simon amstell fielding noel slash sunglasses - ...sunglasses?

how can i get my hair super clean - HOW

he was bursting to pee and wet himself - ...no comment?

glee funfic gay - the typo here is cracking me up. At least I'm assuming it's a typo...

harry styles turn ons - lol.

caroline flack has bad breath - bwuh?

kohl rimmed eye - sometimes you're searching for make-up tips and you get cross-dressing slash about boybanders instead, IT HAPPENS

tonks masturbates turns into bellatrix - I don't really have anything to say about this one, I just want to appreciate the fact that it exists.

is it weird to have a historical crush - awwwwwww

motherhood poem livejournal - yeah man I write those all the time

foreign accents attractive sociology - it's weird because sometimes these are things I'm pretty sure I haven't actually posted about, and yet they fit quite well with who I am...

harry styles is bi - that's the general consensus.

why is louis tomlinson so tan - omg you can't just ask people why they're so tan

incest in weeds - yes good

like chariyy / likechariry / likechsrity / likechwrity / likehcairty / likehcharity / liekchaeity - I like to pretend these were all the same person. Possibly having a breakdown.

livejournal incest stories mother - it saddens me a little that I came up for this...

my otp is so fabulous i want to cry - I KNOW THAT FEEL, BRO

one direction drinking game rules - ooh, I want these too!

zac efron's butt - ahahaha.

how to write smut - awwww.

i love simon amstell - aww, you and me both, mysterious Googler.

Good times. In other news, does anyone know of a free image hosting site that a) allows bulk uploading, b) lets you keep the original filenames, and c) doesn't freak out over bandwidth? Because it seems I basically can't have a moodtheme anymore these days, you guys keep exceeding my Photobucket bandwidth. Which is pretty AMAZING tbh because I've never had that happen before, but also filenames are kind of necessary for moodthemes and it seems like all the other image hosts just rename them to random numbers/letters. :( NEVER MIND I THINK I FIXED IT
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