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So I'm still having a lot of Narnia cast feelings. I'm not entirely sure where this came from. I have this theory that because there were about three years between each movie, it's a sort of biological clock thing? Like some part of me recognises that three years have passed and there has not been a Narnia fandom resurgence and so it's like. Psst. Hey. HEY. IT'S NARNIA FANDOM TIME.

Or something. Alternatively, as [livejournal.com profile] starsimpulse put it, "Narnia is like this old flame that you keep going back to for comfort and embarrassing sex."

Anyway I've been getting super nostalgic and missing the days of talking about the Narnia cast on LJ and then I kind of realised that I can still do that?? So this is going to be kind of an update post where I talk about what everybody is up to these days. Maybe? Let's see.

Anna, as I mentioned before, is currently starring in Reign! And it's been picked upfor a second season! Although the season finale is tomorrow and apparently some people are gonna die, so I'm terrified that one of them is going to be Lola. I guess it would be good in some ways for her not to be tied down doing a series, so she can work on other things, but still. I'VE GROWN ATTACHED. Anyway, it is a totally ridiculous show, sort of like 30% historical drama and 70% Gossip Girl, and if you have any strong feelings about historical accuracy then it could very well give you an aneurysm. But it's really fun?? And she looks ridiculously pretty all the time and there is definite potential for femslash. I wanna know if any of the Narnia cast watches it, because I can imagine Georgie getting OBSESSED and like really emotionally involved in Anna's character's storyline and texting her after each episode and asking for spoilers and stuff. SHE JUST WOULD. Anyway, Anna's also been in a few other things—Payback Season, in which it seems like she had a pretty minor role, and a web series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Here are some screencaps from Reign, of Anna being beautiful. These alone really should be enough of an incentive to watch, imo.

Also the cast are cute and hang out together! Here is a quote from Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary Queen of Scots: "The cast all hangs out, and we play Cards Against Humanity, go grab drinks, stuff like that. (...) Most recently, I went dancing with Anna [Popplewell] and Caitlin [Stasey]. That was a really fun night and we ended up having a snowball fight on the way home. Which is not a good idea when it is subzero. (laughs) And we walked home from the bar, which is a bit goofy." IDK basically what I'm saying here is that I want femslash about the characters AND the cast. Here are a couple of examples of Anna and Caitlin being adorable:

Georgie stars in Perfect Sisters which just got a limited release but can be found online, and she is AMAZING in it. It's this really dark movie about these two girls who kill their neglectful alcoholic mother by drowning her in the bath. So that's...kind of a dramatic departure from Narnia. Also, it is a terrible movie. But, you have to see it anyway, because Georgie honestly blew me away. She's so good. I wasn't anywhere near as weirded out as I thought I might be seeing her kiss someone and smoke and swear, and I feel like I've basically seen her grow up, so I feel like that's a testament to her acting skills. ALSO the other sister is played by Abigail Breslin and the two of them have awesome chemistry and I'm not going to lie, it's pretty easy to ship their characters. Here is a gifset I made to back that up.

Here is the trailer for the movie, and here is a video of her talking about working with 'Abby' (♥) and being hilarious about her first on-screen kiss. There's another one here where she talks about her inability to ride a bike and I just thought that was adorable. And here are a couple of stills:

She's also filmed a movie called The Sisterhood of Night, which is like, a modern interpretation of the Salem witch trials, or something? Which sounds really cool. There's no release date for that yet but I am EXCITED FOR IT. It sounds like it has a predominantly female cast, too, which is neat (and also might provide more femslash opportunities). Here are a couple of stills:

ALSO she went to the premiere of James's new X-Men movie the other day, which is ADORABLE. I hope they got a chance to catch up. There aren't any pictures, not even just of her on her own, but there is this Instagram video as proof that she was there. She's also in her first year at Cambridge at the moment.

Skandar is currently in his last year at Cambridge, and for some reason it took me a really long time to realise that that means the two of them are at Cambridge together, which is ADORABLE. They're in different colleges—Georgie is at Clare College and Skandar is at Pembroke—but apparently they are only like 15 minutes walk from each other and I really hope they hang out sometimes. Anyway, Skandar had a year abroad in Lebanon and wrote a series of articles for Cambridge's news site about his experiences, which were published between April and June last year. Here they are: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. They're pretty interesting. And a little bit scary. The fourth article is about a blood-letting festival, and there are pictures, so it's rather gory. The last one ends with the line "I'd rather be known as the village idiot than Edmund..." which made me sort of sad, but obviously it's understandable that he'd be sick of being recognised around Cambridge and so that would make a change? Idk. Don't resent Narnia, Skandar.

Here are a couple of pictures. He has that terrible haircut again, the one he had during the promotion for Prince Caspian. SKANDAR WHY. Otherwise he looks really good though. I miss him a lot. It seems like he's still very invested in his studies and everything, which is great, but I do hope that he'll return to acting again at some point. :(

Will is still in L.A. He was in an episode of Perception, which I found out completely by accident because I was watching the show anyway and it was basically like "hey that guy kind of looks like William Moseley WAIT." He was like this ridiculous prince or something who was a suspect in that week's murder investigation. That's the only thing I've actually seen him in since Narnia, but apparently he's filmed three other movies—Run, a crime thriller which is also about parkour (?), something called Of Corset's Mine or Randi which I can't find further info on, and a historical war drama called The Silent Mountain. Also a couple of things that are in post-production, including a series called The Royals. I guess he likes playing royalty. Also he was struck by lightning while filming The Silent Mountain, which is kind of alarming, but apparently he's fine.

This is not an attractive picture but it amuses me because that's the same top he wore to promote Prince Caspian with Ben on TRL FIVE YEARS AGO. (Is it bad that I recognised it right away?...Probably.)

From The Silent Mountain.

From Run.

He seems to be dating Kelsey Chow, who was in Run with him, and even now, the idea of him dating a woman is still weird to me. IT JUST IS. I'M SORRY. (I actually couldn't decide whether or not to mention this because idk anything about anyone else's personal lives, and it's not really something I've ever liked to talk about, but they seem to be attached at the hip so it seemed odd to leave it out.)

Ben was in The Words which I remember being excited about when I first heard about it because Olivia Wilde is in it too, but then I completely forgot about it, and it turns out his role is just 'Young Man' which doesn't sound terribly significant. Also, The Big Wedding, which sounds complicated and ridiculous and got terrible reviews. And he played a Colombian. :/ Ben, can you please stop putting on dark make-up and pretending to be a different race? Anyway, he also worked on a few more projects that are currently in post-production—a crime drama called God Only Knows, some romance thing about a musician called Your Right Mind, and he's also the lead in a fantasy film called Seventh Son that's coming out next year.

He's been in L.A. a lot too, so I hope he and Will have hung out at some point! They did both go to the Just Jared Halloween party in 2012 but I don't think there were any pictures of them together. Here are some recent pictures of him on his own though. He basically looks exactly the same as he did four years ago, because he NEVER AGES. What is with that.

Will P. recently won the BAFTA Rising Star award, which is cool, and his acceptance speech was really cute. He starred in the comedy We're The Millers which I haven't seen but apparently it's good so I might watch it? Also he's in The Maze Runner which is coming out in September and that's kind of exciting because Kaya Scodelario is also in it. (And Dylan O'Brien, who I believe is one of those teen wolves that a lot of people seem to like.) I just googled 'Will Poulter' to get some recent pictures, and one of the first things that came up was an article with the heading Actor Will Poulter: It took three hours to put on my prosthetic penis for my new film. EXCUSE ME? We're The Millers sounds sort of insane. Also, this quote about being recognised made me laugh out loud: "I think when you have eyebrows like mine and you are the size of a baby giraffe you just naturally get stared at in any case." He is so cute.

In October last year, it was announced that there were plans to make a movie of The Silver Chair. Then in December it was confirmed that David Magee would write the screenplay, but there hasn't been much news at all since then. Last month, the screenwriters for the first three movies said they thought the producers had been changed and that there wasn't a studio, so that doesn't sound too promising, but who knows. (Whole interview here.) I can't believe how much older Will P. looks now compared to how he looked in Dawn Treader, though—if they do make Silver Chair, that might be a problem? How much time actually passed between those two stories, in the books?

Okay what else. Both of the Wills are on Twitter (Moseley, Poulter) but nobody else, I believe. Anna likes to "send postcards" and is "a bit of a Granny about these things" [x] and Georgie "would communicate via carrier pigeon" if she could [x]. (They are adorable and now I'm imagining them keeping in touch by sending each other letters.) Last summer, this happened:


Okay I think that's everything? I mean it's probably not everything, but it seems like a reasonable summary.

Somehow I've ended up making gifs of the Prince Caspian DVD commentary on Tumblr, and in order to do that, I basically transcribed all the cute/funny/interesting parts of the commentary. I feel like since I went to the effort I should probably post all of that here, like I did for the LWW one a few years back! I always meant to do it because the only other post I'd made on the PC commentary was when I first listened to it and I don't think I went into much detail. And I'm really determined to try and drag as many people as I can back into this fandom with me.

Oh oh, also! The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] prunesquallormd finally finished his epic Lucy/Susan fic, With A Clouded View, and you should all go read it right away if you're interested in that kind of thing, because it's utterly lovely and he worked really hard on it for a really long time. ♥ Edit: I forgot to mention it's also on AO3, here!
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