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Sex and sexy things picspam, part five. You can see the previous posts by clicking here.

Click-through credit where available - many of the sites linked to are NSFW, obviously. And as usual, if you recognise anything that isn't credited, let me know where it's from.

If you enjoy this and are not already on my porn filter, under which I post links to download porn in video format, let me know and I'll add you to it! :)

dailymurf and inherhipstheresrevolutions

a little dirty never hurt anyone. NSFW. )
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Time for a porn picspam, of the retro gay variety.

By the way, for your convenience, my porn posts are now tagged in a more organised way (it was rapidly becoming necessary!). Posts like this can be found under ! [porn] retro picspams, and there are also tags for ! [porn] misc picspams and ! [porn] bdsm picspams, as well as ! [porn] videos. If you can't see anything when you click that last link, that means you're not on the filter, but all you have to do is ask and I'll add you straight onto it. :)

when you got me in your palm, slidin' in your hand. NSFW. )

It is always SO HARD to find a mood that isn't bb!Georgie or bb!Skandar when I make these posts, omg. Even Will and Anna feel inappropriate. I might need to change my moodtheme...
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The retro gay porn is back! I totally forgot about it for a while there, I'm sorry. There's still quite a lot more to come, so I should probably try to remember and do more regular picspams. If people are still interested, of course. (I always say that, and then people are like "well, duh." XD)

I need to get organised with my porn posts in general, actually, don't I? It's been a while since I shared some videos. As always, if you want to get in on that, let me know and I'll add you to the filter. In the meantime, pictures of men having sex in the '70s! And possibly the '60s and '80s. I've lost track now for the most part. Sex, though! That's the important thing.

sweet baby, i need fresh blood. NSFW. )
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Sex and sexy things picspam, part four.

Sadly hardly any of these have credit, but as always it's click-through where available, and if you know the source of something, let me know! As well as the pictures, many of the sites linked to are NSFW.

let's keep the party going all night long. NSFW. )

If you enjoyed this and are not already on my porn filter (under which I post downloads of porn in video-format) let me know and I'll add you to it!
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A present, because I'm going to be away for a little while. (Another family gathering. Bah.)

So ages ago (well, like, March) when making one of my sex picspams, I mentioned that I had a bunch of rougher, BDSM-themed photos. And there was quite a bit of interest, but for some reason I totally forgot about actually posting them until now.

The D/s vibe is more subtle in some and much more explicit in others, and some are more S&M or bondage-oriented. Plus, there are probably more male subs depicted than female subs (purely because that's what appeals to me), but hopefully it's a reasonable mixture. Click-through credit where possible, let me know if you recognise anything that isn't credited. And enjoy!

i like you best when you're on your knees. NSFW. )

It will probably not come as a shock to anyone that I have enough of these to make another post. Let me know if you want more. :)
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More retro gay porn! In this batch, there's some guys who were paired up once already for a different set, which I find kind of cute. Maybe they were a couple.

Also I'm posting this super quickly just before like half of my extended family arrives for a visit (AWKWARD) so, apologies if I've screwed up some HTML or something.

like waves at night, like the tail of a kite. NSFW. )
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So, you know a while ago I came across all those scans of retro gay porn magazines? And I've been posting the pictures from them that I like the most? WELL, I've also been saving other pictures from them, purely because they made me crack up/do a double-take/basically go 'wtf' and stare at the screen in bewilderment. And I thought it might lower the tone if I mixed them up with the others, soooo: this is a whole post devoted to the weirdest parts of those magazines.

Actually, I think at first I just went 'wtf' and skipped right over them, so it's not ALL the weirdest parts, but there's still some pretty weird/entertaining stuff.

I just thought this one was cute.

NFSW from here on out! )

Sadly, that is all. I have plenty more of the gay porn that actually succeeded in being nice to look at, though, so expect more of that in the near future!
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More '70s gay porn. I like these ones a lot.

And bonus Britney Spears lyrics! I kind of love her new album. Shut up.

'cause i know that everybody's thinking it, when the light's out... NSFW. )

A video-porn post is in the making (as always, let me know if you want to be on that filter!), but my internet connection has been kinda temperamental of late which is making things difficult. :/
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The picture outside the cut probably would have been better if I'd posted this on Valentine's Day, but...eh, still amusing. Sex and sexy things picspam part three!

Click-through credit where available (which isn't often, sadly). If you recognise a picture that I haven't credited, please let me know!

you know just what i want, so please. NSFW. )

If you enjoyed this and are not already on my porn filter (under which I post downloads of porn in video-format) let me know and I'll add you to it! I also have a collection of pictures like this that are a little rougher and BDSM-themed, if anyone would be interested in a spam of those too.

...My journal is totally turning into a porn site. OH WELL.
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I come bearing more '70s gay porn magazine scans! In this selection: headbands! Penis-measuring! Policemen! Giant feathers!

Good times.

and forget about my tainted heart. NSFW. )

As always, let me know if you're still interested. ♥ Believe it or not, there's more to come! Thinking of doing another general porn spam like these two in the next few days, too. Porn porn pooorn.

Okay. I'm done now.
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I haven't done one of these in AGES, and I just discovered there is still plenty more, so: time for another retro gay porn picspam! I hope people are still interested in these—let me know. This one includes a great set with a guy who (from some angles) totally looks like Nick Jonas, and a picture of Linus van Pelt looking on in the background. What more could you want?

There's going to be an awkward moment now where everyone who's added me in the past couple of months is going to see this post and be like "Porn?...Okay..."

Oh god, and now my LWW moodtheme is MORE INAPPROPRIATE THAN EVER.

gonna get your body off. NSFW. )
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As you might know if you've used LJ's scrapbook thingy before, it scrambles the filenames into random numbers and letters. And for one of these pictures, I kid you not, it gave it a filename ending in 'gayz'. LJ, sometimes I love you. But please don't find out I'm using you to upload porn, and freak out.

i wanna see you work it guy on guy. NSFW. )
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Yeahhh, two porn posts in one day. DEAL WITH IT.

It's another vintage gay porn picspam this time, 'cause it's been a little while. Are people still into these? There's seriously even more to come, if you want. Let me know. :)

a different taste in my mouth. NSFW. )
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More '70s gay porn. I got a bit lazy about it for a while there, but there's a lot so I should keep these posts going. XD

The usual. Lots of fellatio in this batch. Lyrics from 'Get Off' by The Dandy Warhols. Also reappearances from a couple of guys - is it bad that I've actually started recognising the porn stars now? I'll be flipping through like "Oh heyyy, it's that dude. Who's he sucking off this time?" or whatever. TOO MUCH PORN IN MY LIFE THESE DAYS.


and feel it for a minute like the real thing, baby. NSFW. )
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This is part two of my sex and sexy things picspam. While compiling it, I discovered that not only do I have enough pictures for a sequel, I have more than enough. I kinda feel like I'm posting too much porn, here, but if anybody wants a part three, it's...definitely possible.

Lyrics from 'Sex Is Not The Enemy' by Garbage, and photos click-through credited where possible. Let me know sources if you're aware of ones I've missed. Also, I put this HTML together while pretty tipsy, so if I've fucked something up let me know about that too. XD

it fuels the heart, and sex is not my enemy. NSFW. )
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Yeah, I'm posting the terrible '70s erotica. And I use the word 'erotica' very loosely. IT'S SO BAD. So bad. But also hilarious. And disturbing. A fun combination.

It's basically a lot of WTF excerpts I picked out from various stories. I skimmed about this many, and then decided I couldn't stand anymore, and have been sticking to the pictures alone since then. THESE MAGAZINES, YOU GUYS. Such a mixed blessing.

I was trying to figure out if I need to warn for anything, but I think the entire post needs a sort of general warning altogether.

Holy Jumping Judas! When this kid sucked you off, he went all the way!! )

*hands out brain bleach*
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Someday, hopefully soon, I will post something that is not porn. But at the moment I am ill (and I'm rarely ill! IT KIND OF SUCKS) and so this is all I can manage, I think.

Also, I just wanted to post this bunch of pictures particularly, because the first set under the cut involves a couple of guys who remind me of Cook and Freddie. I don't know WHY, they don't even look like them really. I think it might be the hair. But once I had that thought, I had a lot of ~ideas~ about bottom!Cook, and...yeah, needed to share.

watching movies, true blue movies. NSFW. )
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All of this porn is making me want to write some kind of '60s/'70s fic, but I'm not really sure what fandom would work for that. That '70s Show? The Beatles? Mauraders-era fic for Harry Potter? (Not really, I don't think I could ever do the Marauders justice.)

It's also become even more entertaining since I started actually reading the little stories that go along with the pictures in the magazines. Oh god you guys, they're so, so bad. It's like some of the worst porn I have ever read. I've had to start saving some of the most awful/hilarious snippets to share, but I'm not sure if they'll ruin the pictures for you. There's the most ABSURD array of words for 'penis', come is often called 'love juice', there are alarming biology fails and hilarious '70s slang. IT IS ALL SO INCREDIBLY UNSEXY. Let me know if you want to check it out. It's pretty much [livejournal.com profile] weepingcock material.

But luckily, the pictures are still good. In this selection there is a dude who looks freakishly like Mark Ronson, gay cowboys, some dudes having sex in front of the window with the curtains open, and more cuddling. Also, you know, sex. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE. (Also, lyrics from 'Blue Movie' by the Sneaker Pimps. I'm running out of sexy lyrics for these posts...)

bruises on a solarplex, baby-faced and biting lips. NSFW. )
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Okay. The Grandparents are safely back in the US. Things actually seem sort of disturbingly quiet without them, but...it...leaves me more time to post porn? You guys, there's like...a lot of porn. You can expect many more of these picspams, assuming there's still interest.

I didn't notice any celebrity lookalikes in this batch, except for a guy who vaguely resembles George Harrison. But a lot of these '70s porn stars look like The Beatles, so. Anyway, under the cut you'll also find porn that ends with the guys CUDDLING IN BED and GOING TO SLEEP (have you ever heard of such a thing?!), as well as people smiling with come on their faces (again, this is ridiculously rare), and twins. Possibly. Idk, they look like twins.

Lyrics from 'Wear You Out' by TV On The Radio.

curtains drawn, limbs entwined. NSFW. )
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MORE '70S PORN. (Some of it is actually '60s and possibly '80s too, if that matters. I felt I should clarify.) The ridiculous porno moustaches I was expecting have finally shown up, but you'll be glad to know that I have avoided them. Also the porn seems to have been getting generally more hilarious and I've had to start a whole separate collection of things to post that have made me go "WHAT."

But these are just more of the beautiful-hot kind for now. And...okay, it could well be that I've just been looking at too many pictures of strangers' penises (penii?), but I'm pretty sure that in certain pictures, I see resemblances to Daniel Radcliffe and Jamie Hince. Also Bob Dylan, and Eric from That '70s Show. Which kind of figures.

...Kind of.

Anyway, I do feel like this could easily turn into a game of SPOT THE CELEBRITY LOOK-A-LIKE. So, on with the pornography. Lol, I am totally tagging this entry with 'so not as good as daniel radcliffe'.

if you do it with a twist, yes, artistically. )


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