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I think it's high time for a Random Text Generator post! It's been AGES. For new friends who don't know what I'm talking about, there's this thing that sort of mashes up the sentences from various recent posts you've made and turns them into...well, gibberish, for the most part, but also HILARITY. They're usually best when they take bits from fic, but because none of my recent fic has been posted here the generator can't use it, which is sad. Still, these are pretty entertaining.

But then there's just this moment of like quiet panic, and Niall leaving a restaurant
giggling helplessly


People are beginning to doze off on his knees backstage.

by the way Harry's the only one who's drowning now
Oh good, well, as long as it's only Harry...

at the neckline of Louis's arse in his knees

i still think we might wake up the remote.


GOOD TIMES. Favourites, anyone? Crackfic ideas? I love this so much, I should do it more often. I'm gonna use my silly generator tags for old times' sake and add a few more, because did you know you can have FOUR THOUSAND TAGS with a paid account?? I do not use this feature enough at all.
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LJ Markov Random Text Generator time! It's been a while. Most of these seem to be bizarre Narnia RPF/Criminal Minds crossovers because those are the fandoms I've been writing for most recently...

Skandar's expression is a diary.
Lol that's actually kind of a cool metaphor for like, his face showing his deepest secrets or something. Nice one, generator?

The room at 2 o'clock in the early hours, disoriented. He hasn't stepped back, his head in and rides him like he's about to cry. Skandar. Skandar, why are you so afraid of?
This creeps me out and I'm not sure why.

Ben's actually stopped wearing the vest-top and knickers, her hair hanging down.
...And the generator continues to want crossdressing!Ben. Or apparently genderswapped!Ben?

ha, this is how Ben ends up right next to him, and Reid grapples awkwardly at the carpet.
SPENCER REID/BEN BARNES. I APPROVE. Idk why Reid is on the floor but I'm not complaining.

Just then, they hear a thing.
This is hilariously vague.

She will grow concerned soon, maybe start to sit on the dark in his ears. )

OKAY THAT'S PROBABLY ENOUGH FOR NOW. I've been compiling this post while an electrician fixes our shower and I'm pretty sure he's been able to hear me attempting to stifle my laughter all this time.
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Aaand, it's LJ Markov Random Text Generator time! There are a lot, they've been really good lately. Idk what that says about the state of my journal...

Reporter: Georgie, what do you like in a lesbian.
I wouldn't mind this question being asked, tbh.

Will is clearly a lie.
Last time, Ben didn't exist. Now Will is a lie? ...Clearly.

Skandar: Oh, and also, sexual activity in the sleigh
...Uhm. No comment.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he babbles, feeling exponentially stupid. How can he be planning to somehow magically cure the pain with his toy badger still.
Okay, now I want fic of Will trying to cure somebody's pain with his toy badger.

Georgie just KNEW Will would have been all over the long socks and everything!
Haha this sounds fairly reasonable.

Okay, so for some mysterious reason, no pictures have surfaced of Skandar and Will failing at subtlety. )

Now that that insanity's over with, APPARENTLY THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER BIT OF MOVIE PROMOTION ON SUNDAY. Ben and Georgie are going to attend a premiere in Japan. They're the two we've seen the most of lately, but I'm not going to complain because BEN AND GEORGIE, ALONE TOGETHER AT A PREMIERE IN JAPAN. I AM EXCITE.

And finally and unrelatedly, there's that genderswap recasting meme going around on Tumblr and I LOVE IT, it's so much fun. Someone recast Effy Stonem with Skandar, and I fell in love, and then decided that Kaya Scodelario would definitely be my female!Edmund, and then that led to this being created, and then also this, mostly because Kaya Scodelario/Imogen Poots would be pretty hot. I want to do more of this but idk what else I would feel confident recasting? I thought about The Dreamers but probably Louis Garrel would be Isabelle and Eva Green would be Theo, and then there's not much point to that.

I'm rambling, I'll go away now.
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First of all, everyone should go and read my judgement's getting kind of hazy by [livejournal.com profile] moogle62. It involves Ben serenading Skandar with Ke$ha lyrics. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, it is absolutely hilarious. ♥

And speaking of hilarious things, it's LJ Markov Random Text Generator time! There are a lot, because they were really amusing me this time.

But she can't see why this is, but she doesn't approve. Incidentally, can anyone else feel like things can last forever. And they don't, but he doesn't, and that's when she was younger, so it didn't.
This is so totally eloquent.

Will went to visit my sister for Thanksgiving.
This did not happen. (It'd be pretty cool if it did, though.)

asked if it's difficult playing a character without much of a rifle

Ben tosses the towel over a chair and starts unbuttoning his own dick

And the interviewer says her fans would disagree and say she's just messing around with Ben and Skandar. (...Sounds good to me," Ben says, and it gives her ~feelings. And then at 10:55, Georgie talks about the fact that it's a face and lick it. He makes a face.
Omg lol I want to see this fictional interview.

The way Liam looks like he's talking to a Coke from Ben's fridge. )

ALSO, do you Narnia guys think we need a new kink meme? Or to revive the old kink meme? I don't want to do it if it's going to fail miserably, but it was so much fun last time and with the new movie out people might have some good kinky ideas or be wanting inspiration. THOUGHTS? (If you usually lurk, now would be a good time to say hi and share your opinion on this so I know how much interest there is.)
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I realise I'm updating waaaay more than usual, but. I think it's LJ Markov Random Text Generator time.

making the mistake of putting on the mattress several pictures of Ben, looking startled on the altar of God
(I'm gonna warn you now: 'several pictures of Ben looking startled' is the new 'so not as good as Daniel Radcliffe'.)

several pictures of Ben, looking startled in a little bit of make-up and some high heels
(...see? Also could anyone else go for some crossdressing!Ben or is that just me.)

to see the way like he doesn't react to her ankles. She's clearly fast asleep, out like he's shoved a banana down it or something. ...Sexy.

NARNIA RPF Will/Skandar – I don't know if this was just filming with a knife to Will's arse.
(Oh god what? I don't want to read this fic.)

Silas can't get that fucking image out of sexy lyrics for these requests so I grew a beard and he hasn't been able to cope with that,
(I'm just loling at the idea of Silas Botwin not being able to cope with me growing a beard.)

Georgie doesn't actually remember saying anything about tongues in the face. No, not literally. )


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