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The best story we've heard about the recording of the last album was that Caleb broke into Nathan's room while he was sleeping and started stabbing his mattress with a knife in a fit of rage.
"Take that story and flip it," says Jared between snorts of laughter.
"He broke into the room," interjects Caleb, jutting an angry finger at Nathan. "He stabbed the mattress. It was all him. I don't use weapons."
"Yeah," retorts Nathan. "You use the frying pan."
"You broke my guitar!"
"This shit is so funny," Jared sniggers.
"It's funny now," agrees Caleb, "but it's a miracle he didn't seriously hurt anybody."
"It's a miracle I was shacking up with a nurse the night you hit me upside the head."
"And what was his name again?"

I pretty much skim Kings of Leon interviews now hoping for anything Nate/Caleb-related, even if it's something I've read a hundred times before. I WILL NEVER TIRE OF HEARING ABOUT THIS FIGHT. Nathan stabbed Caleb's mattress with a knife, you guys.
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This post is partly a way of making up for not posting much fic lately.

It is also partly because it seems like I have to do that 'post snippets of every unfinished fic you have on your hard drive' meme at least once a year.

But mostly it's because I recently got a new laptop (my old one was falling apart—literally) and had to transfer all my files, and that led to me discovering a whole bunch of things I'd saved and totally forgotten about.

The ratings of these vary, but go up pretty high. And some of the ideas are kinda fucked up but you can figure that out from the pairing and avoid as you see fit—no other warnings necessary, I don't think!

The Kills/The Dead Weather/Kate Moss/what even is this fandom. )

Narnia RPF. )

Skins, including RPF. (And, um, Skins RPF/Narnia RPF?) )

Kings of Leon (and Jared Followill/Demi Lovato) )

Woah, check out this mass of tags. Crazy business.
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HANNAH. [livejournal.com profile] littledivinity. HANNAHHHHH. I have things in this post here that are relevant to your interests. I was going to email them to you, but I thought other people might be interested too. BUT YOU WILL BE THE MOST INTERESTED, SO I HAD TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. DID IT WORK?

Right, so I know I haven't mentioned Kings of Leon in forever, but they had a big article in Q magazine a while ago, and it's definitely worth mentioning. I couldn't be bothered reading it at first, and then I remembered that Q is the magazine that's given us the most incestuous material to work with for Caleb and Nathan, and so I thought I'd check it out. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN I'M REMINDED WHY I LOVE THEM/SHIP IT SO MUCH.

First of all, we know that Arizona (link to lyrics) is about a prostitute that Caleb randomly fell in love with because she was too pretty to be a prostitute or something. BUT DID WE KNOW THAT NATHAN HAD SEX WITH THAT PROSTITUTE? I DON'T THINK WE DID.

Isn't 'Arizona' about a prostitute?
That's actually a terrible story during our heyday. Me and Nathan decided to have some fun. There was talk of a brothel in the desert somewhere. It's not a lavish tale about being with a prostitute. It broke my heart when I walked in and saw this really pretty girl. She could've been doing anything with her life. Something must've happened to her to make her think all she could do was sell herself. I ended up leaving without having sex.

What happened before you left?
I did go in with a girl but I couldn't perform. He [Nathan] was with the girl that broke my heart. I barely got my boots off. It had killed the vibe of the night for me. That was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Still is.


The rest of the interview is less interesting (/things I've read before), but if you want to read it in its entirety, the scans I found are here.


In other news, I feel like Formspringing tonight. I totally forgot it existed until yesterday and now I feel like answering questions. :) You know the drill - ask me anything!
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Some answers to that Character-Number Meme! Thank you, everyone who asked questions. I'm gonna shuffle up the numbers so you can ask more if you want. :D

Jenny Schecter (The L Word), Zooey Deschanel, Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) & Joe Jonas are starting a band together, what is their name and what kind of music do they play? Also, who's the lead singer, and what instruments do the others play?
...That was sounding totally AWESOME until it got to Joe and then it just turned hilarious. But at least two of these people are musical? So Zooey and Joe can be like, joint lead singer, while also playing minimal guitar. And...well. I imagine Jenny and Blair would spend most of their time having catfights. Maybe Blair on keyboard, Jenny on drums? They'd play kickass girly electropop, but Zooey and Joe's voices would add this weird unexpected twist to it because Zooey's all folky and Joe's...a guy. Actually, this is starting to sound kind of awesome again. I have no idea what they'd be called. Zo, Joe, and the Temper Tantrums. Idek.

More under the cut. )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad AND [livejournal.com profile] liketheroad!!

[livejournal.com profile] liketheroad, I HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO KNOW YOU LIKE ALL MY FRIENDS SEEM TO HAVE DONE, BECAUSE I AM LAME AND SHY. But I do read your posts and you seem awesome and I have been meaning to read the Joe Jonas: Boy Cheerleader series for like FOREVER because it sounds genius. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Hannah, all I can say is that you have made my life INFINITELY MORE AWESOME, and I will forever be glad we decided to crash [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius's post that one time and have ourselves a getting-to-know-each-other comment party. No words for how much I love you, seriously. ♥

INSTEAD, A FANMIX. The other thing I mentioned is technically finished but giving me ENDLESS TROUBLE, so that one is gonna have to be postponed for now. And this...well, I realise it's kind of a depressing birthday gift because it's based around the idea of Nathan getting engaged/married, but whatever.

the ways i failed you
a nathan/caleb fanmix
artwork, songs, .rar & .zip under the cut. )
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House ones to come later. I might try and finish watching S5 before I do those, to make sure I'm making fully-informed decisions. Though narrowing my favourite House/Wilson moments down to FIVE is going to be a nightmare whatever I do. ;)

Top five pieces of personal canon for Demi and Selena. )

Top five Joe/Nick moments. )

Top five Kings of Leon pictures. )
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Posting this real quick before I go.

You probably have no idea who these people are. Jessie Baylin is a singer and Nathan Followill's fiancée, and Lily Aldridge is a model and Caleb Followill's girlfriend:

Idk I feel like visuals are necessary for this one:

This fic started out because I wanted to write about pretty girls kissing, and then Caleb/Nathan became a sidepairing and everything got angsty. I don't think I have any further explanation. I also don't think there is anywhere in the world that I can crosspost this. OH WELL.

Title: stumbling through our sad parade
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Jessie Baylin/Lily Aldridge, hints at Caleb Followill/Nathan Followill
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Real person femslash, hints at incest
Summary: A shiver runs through Lily as she realises they're in this together, involved with these hot-headed boys she has to admit she really knows very little about. And this girl she hardly knows is the only person in her life who understands what she's going through.
A/N: Title from 'Was I On Your Mind' by Jessie Baylin.

The evening draws in and Lily watches from under the shade of the willow trees as people carry on playing in the creek. )
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I'm incredibly jetlagged and a bit of a mess mentally but I HAVE THE INTERNET BACK. *clings* To celebrate, and because I feel like I haven't posted a fic in forever, here's seventeen unfinished stories I have on my computer. Seventeen. You guys, that's ridiculous. Some of these I'll never finish, but hopefully I'll get some posted soon.

The ratings vary but go up pretty high, just a warning. And like...some of these ideas are really freakin' weird. Just another warning.

You know what's weirder, though? Being inspired by Rocky Raccoon to write Nick Jonas/Caleb Followill/Lily Aldridge (that'd be Caleb's girlfriend) COWBOY AU. Where Caleb is the sheriff and Nick is this handsome mysterious young man who just rides into town and takes Caleb's girl. And there are fights and alcohol and tough barmaid!Lily and repressed gay feelings and eventual threesomes. BISEXUAL COWBOYS!!!

...MY BRAIN IS BROKEN. I feel like in the near future, people are gonna be talking about me and say stuff like "Yeah, she used to be pretty sane and write decent fic, but then she discovered Kings of Leon and COMPLETELY LOST IT." I'm sorry, you guys.

But anyway.

Kings of Leon and Disney ('cause apparently those fandoms get grouped together in my mind these days). )

Skins. )

Narnia RPF. )
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So, I made a Nick Jonas/Caleb Followill fanvid.

Yeah, that's how I'm choosing to start this entry. DON'T EVEN ASK ME WHERE IT CAME FROM. I'm still not entirely sure. All I know is that I hardcore ship them, now? It started out all ANGST and SEX and RELIGION, and now all of a sudden [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad and I CANNOT STOP TALKING ABOUT NICK AND CALEB GETTING GAY MARRIED AND LIVING ON A CORN FARM IN IOWA WITH THEIR BABY CALLED COSTELLO. Using Miley as their surrogate. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU GUYS. THIS IS MY LIFE NOW. It's not helped by this terrible quality video of an interview from last year where the following is said:

Caleb: I think we're the second best-looking brother band (something I can't hear). The Jonas Brothers are dressed up pretty nice.
Matt: No they're not!
Caleb: (Something, maybe 'We're good!') Saw 'em last night in the lobby. Jesus, those little guys. I know they're probably legal to drink here, but Disney would screw 'em if they ever saw them with a beer--it'd be in every magazine.

You guys, Caleb Followill thinks the Jonas Brothers are good looking and he feels sorry for them 'cause they can't have a drink. ♥_♥

But yeah, at some point during all of this, I was watching the Lines, Vines and Trying Times photoshoot video and it reminded me really strongly of Rolling Stone's At Home With Kings of Leon video. And then my brain started meshing the two and like, it has no real story and seriously, this is only the second fanvid I have ever made, but IT HAD TO BE DONE. Feel free to ignore my insanity.

IN OTHER NEWS, I have now finished my exams until January! SO YAY. Unfortunately, I am not free just yet, as I'm going to Rhode Island and New Hampshire for like...11 days. I leave on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it and everything and it's not like this should be freaking me out as much as it is seeing as it happens EVERY YEAR, but like...it's really freaking me out. I HAVE BECOME SO DEPENDENT ON CERTAIN INTERNET FRIENDS OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF MONTHS (has it even been that long?) AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'LL DO WITHOUT LIVEJOURNAL IN GENERAL. D:

Also, I realised the other day that in the Disney fandom, I pretty much never make reaction posts? I always just end up reacting on everyone else's reaction posts and leaving it at that. I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT IS? But a whole bunch of things have happened now and I don't want to make some giant rambly post about EVERYTHING. So here's a really brief overview: TACKLEHUG! My top three favourite songs on LVATT are Much Better, World War III and Black Keys! I still cannot quite believe they're getting away with that implied 'bitch' in Poison Ivy! I'm going to see them in Manchester with [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius in November!


Also, if you have ever in your life thought, you know what I'd like to read? The bass player from Kings of Leon drunkenly hitting on Demi Lovato and then taking her to get a tattoo the next day and then fucking her in his bathroom, I can hook you up. The characterisation is weirdly perfect and they're all bickery and adorable and hot all at the same time. Knock Down The Door, NC-17. It even comes with fake gossip site articles and texts and Twitter updates which all sound SO LEGIT IT'S SCARY. I fucking love [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad, you guys. (Also, it is INGRAINED IN MY BRAIN that Demi is a lesbian, but I totally bought this pairing, so this fic must have magical powers. Just sayin'.)

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I just watched an interview of Caleb and Nathan during which they were lying on a bed together. Thank you, Youtube recommendations, you know what I like to see.

It's pretty dull all in all but at the end, Caleb talks about how he wanted to write love songs, but about 'real love, you know, old love' and is gesturing to Nathan the whole time. I think maybe he's actually kinda pointing over his shoulder to illustrate that he means the ~past and how love used to be, but...whatever. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING.

Also, Caleb does a killer Bob Dylan impression.
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Writing from Joe Jonas's POV is the HARDEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. *collapses*

Title: The Shape Your Faces Make
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Joe/Nick, Caleb/Nathan
Rating: R
Warnings: Real person slash, and incest. A double dose of it.
Summary: He wants to understand where everything went wrong for them, because some part of him is scared to death it's going to be the same for him and his brothers too.
A/N: Set last September when the Jonas Brothers and Kings of Leon were staying in the same hotel in London. Title from 'Relief' by Cold War Kids. Also, THIS GOT LONG.

At first he thinks he hears Garbo wrong, because it sounds a lot like he says, 'Hey, you guys, the Kings of Leon are down at the bar.' )
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I always thought it was "next time I see you, I'm givin' you a high five, cause I'm too over-rated, just FYI" and I JUST FOUND OUT THAT INSTEAD, IT IS THE RIDICULOUSLY LAME "cause hugs are over-rated just FYI". AND IT'S A MILEY REFERENCE? GAH.

Looool this really shouldn't bother me but IDK, I always thought that "I'm too over-rated" was kind of a cool thing for them to sing, and...the fact that it's HUGS is just kind of stupid.

ALSO I remember hearing a version once where it totally sounds like Nick sings "cause sex is over-rated" BUT AM I MAKING THAT UP? IF NOT, SOMEBODY MUST KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Eh, the lyrics of that song always kind of bugged me anyway because in the chorus it's "I gave my all for you" and it sounds awkward being 'for' instead of 'to'.

And just to reiterate how uncool I am, I totally bought Camp Rock chocolates today.

They even come with a keyring. I can't decide whether I'm uncool enough to actually put that on my keys, though.

Oh! AND. You should read this amazingly amazing Kings of Leon fic by [livejournal.com profile] jrocksee. It's called And Your Soul Smells Of Sulphur and it's Jared/Matthew and sort of UST Caleb/Nathan, rated R. It ties in with the Sex on Fire video in this really incredibly, clever, creepy way, and there's possession and biblical references and awesome imagery and just, nngh, read it. And then watch the Sex on Fire video. And then read it again. That may or may not be what I did.
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Because, like, I think I'm a little obsessed, you guys. Observe:

And that's excluding all the time I spent listening to them on my iPod while I was at my Dad's earlier in the week, because it randomly decided to randomly wipe itself before I got a chance to plug it into my computer and let everything scrobble. Which I'm kind of only mad about because I bet Kings of Leon would have had like 324982734 plays by now if it'd worked. >:( By the way, add me on last.fm if you want! Just don't like, leave me notes about fandom-y things because I have RL people on there too. XD

That chart's probably going to change pretty soon seeing as I just downloaded the new Patrick Wolf album, the new Bob Dylan album, and...the Camp Rock soundtrack. My ridiculously random music taste, let me show you it. ALSO, OMG, I'M PRETTY FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THE PATRICK WOLF ALBUM. He sort of lost me around 'The Magic Position', but...I just, I have so much love for him, seriously. It's like I can't quite ever stop adoring him, even when I want to. And? TILDA SWINTON IS ON THIS ALBUM. Tilda Swinton!! She's like ~the narrator~ or something. And I just, I can't even. It's one of those collaborations that SEEMS really random but then you think about it and it's like, THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

But anyway. Here are a whole bunch of pictures of Kings of Leon. Just because.

Nathan and his distressing sideburns invite you in. )

I'm trying to write Nick/Joe with bonus Caleb/Nathan, by the way, but it isn't going well. I think because I decided to see if I could write from Joe's POV and it turns out I find that really difficult. :/ But I'll keep working on it! And just so you know, 'one of them has my same boots' is now my official tag for all things Jonas Brothers/Kings of Leon related.

Ooh! And go check out [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius's Joe/Nick ficmix, Endlessly. It's so, so perfect. ♥

Aaand also, I think I might be late with commenting on a bunch of things. If I am, DON'T WORRY I'M NOT IGNORING YOU. I'll get around to it soon, I just fail at that at the moment apparently.


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Miquita: Would you say that the Kings of Leon are an ambitious band? Do you care about things like world domination and things that bands like the Jonas Brothers care about?
Caleb: Hey, they're staying at our hotel.
Miquita: They're staying at your hotel?
Caleb: Yeah, one of them has my same boots.



Then a bit later Caleb says that bands like the Jonas Brothers are really only aiming to make number 1 albums, whereas Kings of Leon just want to make music that they're proud of. And at the very end, they're asked which band they'd compare themselves to, and Nathan says, totally deadpan "The Jonas Brothers. For sure."

THIS WAS IN MID-SEPTEMBER LAST YEAR BTW. When the JoBros were promoting Camp Rock in the UK I think?
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Hello. :) It's your friendly neighbourhood incestuous-RPF enthusiast, here, bringing yet another post about brothers who should be screwing if they aren't already, and trying to convince you to ship them.

Okay but let me preface this by saying: Kings of Leon are a really recent obsession for me. I've only properly been listening to them for the past week or so, and it was only yesterday that I like, found out their names and stuff. SO this might be kind of like that Tokio Hotel spam post I made, where I was all I DON'T FIND BILL ATTRACTIVE! and I DON'T LIKE THEIR MUSIC! and I HAVEN'T READ ANY FIC YET! And then all of that changed within about a day.

So basically, things might change, I will probably discover more about these guys, this isn't like, an all-inclusive introduction to the band or anything.

This is Kings of Leon. Left to right, that's Matthew, Caleb, Nathan and Jared. Nathan, Caleb and Jared are all brothers (that's in age order from eldest to youngest), and Matthew is their cousin.

Read more... )


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